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  1. ghicks

    East Coast Wheels

    Thanks for the help I requested the same on another sight and got a working number. The NJ attorney general is being very persistant in their search for him, hopefully we can get resolution and stop him from ripping off anyone else.
  2. ghicks

    East Coast Wheels

    Does anyone have any contact/location info for East Coast wheels. I contacted the NJ Attorney General but they have not been able to locate Jeff Roberto and is this his real name? Thanks for the help
  3. ghicks

    East Coast Wheels

    East Coast Chump My experience is the same but I have no wheels and I'm out $625. I have contacted the BBB and the NJ attorney general. Please let me know if you get anything done, I attempted to Fed Ex Jeff a copy of the complaints but he would not sign for the package. If this is a common thing as it appears that it is, Jeff should be put out of business. Thanks
  4. ghicks

    Valve issues, who is having them...

    2004 "X" 1 set of valves, bike jumped time because of poor service work by Blue Ridge Power Sports (Harrisonburg Va) and destroyed the motor, if the valves would last it would not have been in the shop to begin with. Fixed the bike, I have ridden 30-40 hours rarely on the limiter, valves checked after 10-15 hours no problem. The bike was running when I put it on the trailer but it would not crank when I got home...guess what the valves tightened up, no clearance on one intake .003 on the other, .005 on the exhaust. It is a great bike but the valve problem is ridiculous so I just bought a KTM. Merry Christmas
  5. ghicks

    Motocross Camp.....???

    I just got back from Gary Bailey's at Lake Sugar Tree, my 10 year old had a great time and is well on his way to huge improvements. The school is excellent for all levels and the most amazing part is that everyone of the 25 riders made huge improvements. Gary keeps them going from 8-5 rain or shine and it rained the last day with a 40 temperature, it was nasty. I highly recommend it. He has a web site Gary Bailey MX school with contact information. Greg
  6. ghicks


    I have a 250X with the R cam and modifications and now it is time to work on the suspension. I ride in the woods, a little MX, intermediate rider, I weigh 195 with gear. What springs do I need front and back or can I use the clickers to help the suspension. The bike does not track straight in rough stuff in the woods on the MX track it is better the jumps are a little rough landing. The suspension is in the stock postions with 4" sag. Where do I start? Thanks for the help Greg
  7. ghicks

    Dispelling more Myths.......Cam Chain?

    My 250X jumped time and broke the flange below the crank off. This was caused by the front chain guide not being installed correctly allowing the chain to jump. Needless to say it made a mess. Blue Ridge Power Sports (Harrisonburg, Va) agreed to fix it with one catch they wanted to weld the crankcase and use the old parts I said no so the owner backed out which cost me $1000. I know of 3 other similar situations involving Blue Ridge and Star City Cycle (Roanoke, Va) so stay away from them.