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    Gearing an 06 For Trail Riding

    Hi guys I just bought an 06 that I plan on riding single tracks only in Northern Michigan which can get pretty tight. My first perception was that the bike was valved too stiff, so I am buying gold valves for the forks and shock and the engine hits pretty hard and to cure that I am adding an 11oz flywheel weight. Right know the bike has the stock gearing 13/50 just wondering what type of luck people are having with a 13/52 setup for the woods. I would like a little more engine braking if possible- Any suggestions? Adam
  2. Adam Hausler

    01 Rm250 reliability

    Thanks for the information, I am always nervous about buying used since I have had bad experiences before. Adam Hausler
  3. Adam Hausler

    01 Rm250 reliability

    Hi guys I was wondering what your experience is with the 01 Rm250, I am looking at buying one and wonder if it is a fairly reliable bike? I read somewhere there is a problem with the cylinders cracking around the intake ports. The bike has very low hours and priced right just wondering what you think about the bike in general also. Thanks Adam Hausler 01 drz400e 96 rmx250
  4. Adam Hausler

    Rmx250 ???????

    The big differences are a larger gas tank, heavier flywheel, lower compression, kickstand, 18" rear wheel, lower first gear and taller fifth, exhaust, and the suspension valving for offroad. The bike is an excellent bike if you are using it for what is designed for, it will run with any of the new offroad bikes on the single tracks- so much depends on who is riding it. Adam Hausler 96 Rmx 250 01 Drz 400e
  5. Adam Hausler

    1996 Rmx 250

    Hi I have a 1996 Rmx 250 and am going to freshen the top end with new piston and rings, I am also planning on installing a .030 thinner head gasket which is suppose to be the same thickness as a 1989 Rm 250. Just wondering if anyone has used this set up and will it be okay with pump gas premium? According to my research this is what most people used when racing the bike offroad, I also currently am running a fmf gnarly pipe and turbine core silencer. Any thoughts would be appreciated Adam Hausler 96 Rmx 250 01 Drz400e
  6. Adam Hausler

    Shock Revalving

    I am curious to what type of questions race tech asks you to come up with your valving stack, is it generic or is it specific to rider weight, ability, riding style and conditions?
  7. Adam Hausler

    Shock Revalving

    I have tried everything you can with the stock setup, I have over over 1500 miles of single track on this bike so I know how it reacts well. For my weight my feeling is the compression is too soft and it rebounds as fast as a pogo stick, I have owned an rm250 and still own an rmx250 which are much better in these conditions due to the valving setup, my goal is to make the Drz competitive in the woods with my Ktm300 riding partners. Thanks for the help Adam
  8. Adam Hausler

    Shock Revalving

    Hi guys, I have an 01 Drz400e with the correct springs for my weight (220lbs) from RaceTech, I am wondering if anyone has just revalved the rear shock and not the forks and what type of results you have noticed. The bike wants to swap the rear still side to side at high speed in the large sand whoops here in northern Michigan. Any thoughts or suggestions? I am considering the race tech gold valves and installing myself or having works enduro rider revalve the shock and possibly the forks depending on feedback. Adam Hausler
  9. Adam Hausler

    Suspension Revalving

    Guys I weigh 230 pounds with my gear and ride single tracks in the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan about 600 miles a year, I would say on a scale of 1-10 my riding ability is about a 6-7. The bikes I ride are an 01 Drz400E and a 96 Rmx 250, both bikes are sprung front and rear for my weight but in order to ride aggresively I have the compression and rebound adjusters bottomed out on both bikes. Just wondering if it is worth the money to buy the valving recommended for my weight such as racetech's gold valves. My problem especially on the Drz is sometimes I am hesistant to charge a whooped out section because of the softness of the suspension. Any recomendations would be appreciated. Adam Hausler
  10. Adam Hausler

    Honda 400ex

    Hi my name is Adam and I am in the process of helping a friend of mine get his 03 400ex started after valve adjustment. We did the adjustment according to the manual, and have doublechecked it more than once. The engine will start but does not want to idle and acts like it is running out of fuel. My question is if you turn the engine backwards by hand to line up the timing mark can you possibly damage the automatic decompression mechanism causing it to hold the exhaust valve open slightly. He rolled the engine by hand in the opposite direction of rotation, just wondering if that may cause this problem. I would do a compression test but mine does not have the adapter for the small plug size. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks Adam
  11. Adam Hausler

    Rmx 250

    Guys I have a 2001 Drz400e and a 1996 Rmx250. Just wondering if anyone owned one of the Rmx's before? The reason is, I read that people use to raise the compression by changing the head gasket to a thinner one. I also read in Eric Gorr's Motorcycle and Off Road handbook that you should use a thicker base gasket .039 and thinner head gasket .010 to raise the compression and give the bike more low end. If anyone can give me any insight on either set up I would appreciate it. The bike currently has an Fmf gnarly pipe, a turbine core silencer, and boyesen reeds. Thanks in advance Adam Hausler