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  1. One of the MDK guys explained the diff on another forum:
  2. I just saw that MDK listed these on their website in the last couple of days... FWIW....
  3. or you can get them direct from MDK... They're blowing them out right now
  4. MDK graphics are on sale right now super cheap on their website... like $60
  5. MDK Speed has one... I just found out all the details on their new website.
  6. Look at the pics on the website for the MDK pegs... For me the bigger gaps between the webbing cleared a lot better when I was in the muck last winter. My PC pegs were good, but got clogged up more...
  7. Actually, main website for MDK is From there, click on MDK Speed up at the top and that will get you to the guys that do the Suspension and motor work. They are located in San Jose, too!
  8. I signed up at MDK's website for a free coupon that gave me $5 off any order with no minimum.... I placed an order for an MDK lanyard with store pickup. Freebie!! -joe
  9. Go to Stockton for more cheap fun! It's the most fun on two wheels... (IMHO!) -joe