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  1. RoscoeP

    DRZ not taking in enough oil?!

    Did you drain under the bottom of the frame down tube. There is a bolt and a screen there that lets out all the oil in the frame tank. Did you also remove the filter? You will only get some of the oil with the bolt at the bottom of the engine. All that info should be in your owners manual.
  2. RoscoeP

    06 DRZ 400 E setup

    Hey thanks for the info. I will check RaceTech's site. On my carb I put in a 165 main jet, 48 pilot jet I think and moved clip to 5th slot on needle. Also put in extended fuel mixture screw, it is out 1 3/4 turns right now. Bike starts and runs much better. Cheers
  3. RoscoeP

    06 DRZ 400 E setup

    Well I have my carb dialed in thanks to Eddie, now the suspension. It feels soft to me. I don't have the money at the moment to buy heavier springs etc. I weigh 205 without any gear on and am just an average rider who rides more moderate terrain but looking to get better. I am looking for a good starting point for suspension adjustments and sag heights etc. Anybody out there have any ideas? Also any recommendations for new springs etc. when I get the money. I appreciate everybodys help. Cheers Roscoe
  4. RoscoeP

    Black Box??

    I'am in Comox, you?
  5. RoscoeP

    Black Box??

    Just removed the carb on my 06 DRZ 400 E and jetted it. I was wondering what the smaller black box to the right of the carb is for. It has a line from the top of the motor going to it and another line venting. Is this box needed? and how do I go about changing it rerouting/ capping off etc. Thanks for any help. Cheers Roscoe
  6. RoscoeP

    Carb removal DRZ 400 E

    Well it went pretty good and I got it out and all back together. I havn't fired it up yet as the pipe is off and apart. I will repack tomorrow and install and should be ready to fire it up. Thanks again for all the help. I have a manual on the way Cheers Roscoe
  7. RoscoeP

    Carb removal DRZ 400 E

    Thank you so much for all the super fast response. I'am off to the garage to get at it. Cheers
  8. RoscoeP

    Carb removal DRZ 400 E

    Any general tips on removing the carb from a 06 DRZ 400 E. This is the FCR 39 mm carb. What parts stay on and what come off like the air box etc? Thanks Roscoe
  9. I want to repack my FMF pipe for my DRZ 400. After removing screws as per instructions, there is some sealant around the joint(RTV?) I have been using a thin blade from a feeler gauge to separate the joint. It is easier to do on the sides but hard on the top and bottom because the pipe is oval. Any pointers or tips on how to get the pipe apart? Cheers Roscoe
  10. Seems everyone I talk to tells me to use a different type of grease on my swingarm, wheel bearings and steering head. I usually ride in water on most rides. Some tell me to use white lithium grease others say use a molly type. Any ideas which is best to protect and repell water . Thanks
  11. RoscoeP

    DRZ 400 E jetting

    Thanks so much. Cheers Roscoe
  12. First off, I did search and think I am close except for the altitude where I ride. My 06 DRZ 400E has a FMF power core lV Q. I will remove the snorkle and put in a extended fuel screw. I live near sea level but do most of my riding between 1000' and 4000' What size jets would be best for that application. I would like to just start by changing jets and adjusting the needle clip before I try a kit. Temperatures up here range between 40F in the spring/fall to 80F in the summer. Also do I have to drill a 1/4" hole to get the extended fuel screw in? Thanks for your assistance. Cheers Roscoe
  13. RoscoeP

    Must do mods?

    Hey all, just picked up this afternoon a 06 DRZ 400 E, street legal. It has a skid plate after market bars and rad gaurds and FMF pipe. What other mods would you recommend? I was thinking engine case gaurds, air box mod and re jetting if necessary. Any thoughts, ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers Roscoe:ride:
  14. RoscoeP

    Fork Oil Measurement in 650

    I just checked my shop manual and it says(DR 650) with fork vertical and fully compressed with spring removed, oil level should be 150mm or 5.9 in. I made a tool out of a piece of steel brake line with a drill stop to fit on brake line then attached to my vacuum gauge( set drill stop to 5.9 in. If you don't have a vacuum gauge use a cheap syringe and piece of plastic tubing from syringe to brake line. Just over fill slightly then suck it down to proper depth. Note: It says to use Suzuki # 10 forl oil, 563 ml per leg or 19.0/19.8 us/imp oz. I'd just put in a little extra and remove to 5.9" as this is more accurate. Cheers Roscoe:ride:
  15. RoscoeP

    Kientech - no response

    I ordered parts about 10 days ago and got them in 5 days to BC Canada. I was super happy!