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  1. Metalwkr

    '98 650L w/ 8400miles: $2600: Good deal?

    How many miles is to many??? I got a touch over 20,000 on mine and about to take a 1100 mile TAT run. I have heard of folks going well into the 30,s without trouble.
  2. Metalwkr

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Made me some panniers..now I'm lookin for bags..
  3. Metalwkr

    Show your PIG

    Here is my Pig. Got the USD fork mod, uncorked and desmogged, Vapor digital speedo, clark tank. 1996 model with 19700 miles on her.
  4. Metalwkr

    650l rear tire recommendations

    I don't know about your location, but I always find better deals and better selection on the net than I do around here.....With the shipping included I usualy beat the prices by 10 bucks or so....Happy hunting... Ed
  5. Metalwkr

    oil question, 2 quarts not enough?

    Not to beat a dead horse here, my 96 L takes a tad over 2 quarts with filter change.
  6. Metalwkr

    650l rear tire recommendations

    Ditto, I run the 606's and love them. Teraflex are a great tire as well. The only down side is you'll be changing either of them after about 2000 miles...Happy Roostin' Ed
  7. Here is my 96 L. I've only had it for about 2 years but I have put 12,000 of my own miles on. http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j110/metalwkr/HPIM0756.jpg
  8. my 96 with the mods gets around 40 above 70 mph. If I slow down to around 60 I have gotten close to 50. That's with stock 15-45 gearing. Subtract 5 MPG when running the 14 countershaft on the hiway.
  9. Metalwkr

    largest street tire xr650l

    I put a Dunlop 606 130 on my 96 L. It did rub on the loose part of the chain guard but after I rolled down a hill after a stall the problem went away....along with a big piece of my chain guard.
  10. Metalwkr

    Stock tank range with mods?

    I really didn't notice a difference after the carb mods, I still get about 100 miles on the hiway and about 65 on the dirt. I have a 96 650L, don't know if they have changed tanks sizes though?
  11. Metalwkr

    Nice rack?

    I have never seen a rack like that. If you find out please let us know!
  12. I bought my wife a DRZ400S about two months ago, She's 5'4" 150lbs, and she loves it. I did have to put a lowering link in but thats a 20 minute job. Now she can keep up with me on the highway and the dirt...Well at least the highways...Good luck and don't give up on him. He may just see what he is missing and have to join you!
  13. Metalwkr

    Power question on XR650L

    I have a 96 as well and with the carb mods and smog stuff removed I had the same 85 mph wall that your up against. I ride mainly on the road so I bumped the countershaft to a 15. Now I can cruise at 80, not sure what the top is now. BTW...with the 14 I could pull the front up in second but I had to work it.
  14. Metalwkr

    XR650L - Buy new or used?

    I bought a 96 with 4100 miles for $2300. I've had it for 7 months now and I got a little over 9,000 miles on it with no probs at all.