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  1. sacttr

    Carb worn out?

    Is there a way to know if it is bad. I just pulled the enrichment plug and the rubber plug is a little hard and recessed into the brass plunger. Is this the way it is supposed to look? Could I use an o-ring to seal the enrichment circuit for now? Or do you just replace the plunger and hope for the best. Thank you very much for the tip
  2. sacttr

    Carb worn out?

    For those who asked for some additional information: The bike is a 2001 KDX200 it is stock other than an FMF spark arrestor and a set of Boyesen 607 reeds. The main jet is new and 155 in size. The pilot jet is a 36 and the needle is stock. The motor was completely rebuilt last winter. The crank was rebuilt, new rod, piston and bearings. The cylinder was repaired with a sleeve. I had a recommended local mechanic tear the motor down. He had another local person do the machine work. As to the method I used to break the motor in, the mechanic recommended 10 hour of mild riding no lugging and no high revs. I added a little more oil redline at 20:1 and have slowly raised it to 40:1. If I was to guess how many hours it has run since the rebuild maybe 25. The plan for tomorrow is to put my KDX220 carb on the 200 and see if that improves the situation. I know the 220 carb is smaller but I'm going to try it anyway. I will post the outcome later this weekend. Thank you all for now. SacTTR
  3. sacttr

    KDX Idle Troble

    I had a simular problem on my 2001 200. Checked the reeds and at first they looked good. Was told to look very closely (shine a flashlight from behind and see if you can see light). I did this and had one petal that was not quite sealing. Put a set of new reeds in the bike and it idles perfect. By the way you can make the float gauge from parts from the hardware store. I will post pictures later. Not pretty but low cost.
  4. sacttr

    Carb worn out?

    I have a new tome KDX project. I was working on jetting. The motor is fresh new reeds all stock. It runs very rich so I first checked the float level. Changed the pilot jet and I'm down to a 36 and the bike still runs rich. I think that is the smallest they go. The bike runs much better but the air screw is out three plus turns. My question is do PWK carbs wear out the needle jet/emulsion tube. Could I be getting some fuel from the main circuit? How much play should I have between the needle and the tube it slides in? Can this be replaced or is it time for a new carb? Thank you for the help
  5. sacttr

    Bad Fuel Mileage

    Dear Responders: Thank you for the help. In answer to both of your questions, first the bike is stock other than a FMF silencer. I made a mistake when I said the pilot was a 142. I should have said 42. When I rebuilt the motor I didn't replace the reeds but had them checked by a mechanic who told me they were ok. Also, I haven't checked the compression. The bike will not idle and the plug is black. Could the enrichment circuit be faulty, do either of you know how I could check it. I was worried about leaning it out too much. But after your comments I’m going to re-jet it before the next ride. Again, thank you for the help. We like the bike, but the limited range is not conducive to the type of rides we like to do.
  6. sacttr

    Bad Fuel Mileage

    I’m new to KDX’s and 2-strokes. I own a 2001 200. I bought it last fall, as a project for me to rebuild and my son to ride. Last winter I replaced the top and bottom ends. I have re-jetted it with a 155 main and 142 pilot jet and checked the float level. At first I blamed the mileage on a tired motor. But after the rebuild and break-in, it is still getting very low fuel mileage. We don’t get more than 40 miles out of a tank. Is this normal? If anyone has any suggestions of things I should check, I sure would appreciate it? Thank you
  7. sacttr

    TTR125 Stalls Coming Off Idle

    Working on a 2003 TTR125. I let the gas go bad and had to take the carburetor apart. Now the bike starts fine and idles fine. If you touch the throttle the engine dies. If you pull the choke you can get the bike moving but it seams down on power. I read something about the o-ring on the main jet holder the one on this bike was worn so I replaced it with a standard one. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. sacttr

    DOT Rear Knobby

    Looking to replace my rear tire. Currently using the Pirelli MT21. Does anyone have a suggestion for a better tire. I ride mostly in the dirt.