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  1. i was just curious as in what air pressures your running in your tires? for both street and dirt riders? i ride both with my 50 and was just curious.
  2. thanks, i'll get it done tonight!
  3. hey guys, i'm new to the 50 stuff but i'm lovin it. how do i get the front number plate to mount up with red baron bars and clamp? the top piece that goes in the steering stem is too short. just wondering what's the trick or do i need to get a new one? thanks
  4. pikekmk

    help with forks.

    thanks guys! both great options, i'll check them out.
  5. well, a long story short i was replacing the stock springs with heavy duties and broke part of the internal screw that fits into the spring. either i'll have to buy a new piece or completely buy new forks. i can get the best deal on red baron forks, but have access to just about anything. i'm new to the 50 scene and i just wanted to do the basics to get riding. now it looks like i'm going all out. so what's everyone's favorite fork kit? best bang for the buck? i have bars and a clamp with all the extended cable and such, but that's about all on the front end. what should i do?
  6. pikekmk

    2005 CRF50 Prices?

    yep, southern powersports is the best otd price for any honda. i got lucky and paid $300 for my 2002 xr50 from a lady who's daughter just didn't ride it anymore!
  7. pikekmk

    Help With Springs !!!

    hey, i'm new to the 50's too, and was doing this mod also. i had to cut the springs off, then twisted the new ones on. lots of great helped get them on but it was tough. after i got the springs on, i went to put the pin back in and the aluminum piece receives the pin totally broke!! i'll have to get some pics up. so now i don't know what to do, i guess i'm getting a whole fork setup now, i didn't want to spend that money yet, but oh well. i'm gonna call a dealership to see if i can get that part. anyone need some heavy duty springs and bushings from red baron?