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  1. jag09

    05 525exc

    how much money is it worth to get the 525 over the 450 because i found two 03 450exc for around the same price
  2. jag09

    05 525exc

    the bike is all stock with a little over 2000mi, whats a good price? It will need the stator replaced as its having a hard time keeping the battery charged
  3. jag09

    05 525exc

    Im looking at a 2005 525exc for some road use (15 min commute every day, and 1-2hr drive once or twice a week) and some trails. What are some things i should look for and ask about when looking at a used 525exc that has been ridden on the street? This will be my first Orange bike, im not used to kt, and not sure what exactly to look for. Thanks for your help, its greatly appreciated!
  4. asfas: where are you racing at, i see that your in indiana?
  5. Im looking for a newish 250 4t to race some harescrambles and mx, while i have an older 125 2t for fun and quick trail riding so i can also have one of both to have best of both worlds. Is this a good idea or should i just put the money that id buy the 125 with into the 250? 250 wise i have been looking at crf250r's and kx250f
  6. jag09

    Indiana Riders

    anyone know tracks or places to ride by angola?
  7. jag09

    Indiana Riders

    greencastle/terre haute
  8. any recommendations on some good boots to start with? now all i have to do is fix this stupid car and sell it for i can buy my yz
  9. thanks for the input guys. Im going with the yz for i can have a little money to spare and start getting some more riding gear.
  10. i was thinking it was expensive just because it was ktm, but i found an '05 yz for 1500 but its all the way up wisconsin.
  11. i love the feel of 2 strokes. YZ's run fairly cheap, is there any particular years that i should stay away from? On the 200sx hows the power compare to the yz, and is $2,200 too much for an 2003?
  12. Im 5'9 130lbs, i want a bike for woods and possibly doing harescambles and every once and awhile putting around on the track.my max i can spend right now is $2500 So far i have my eye on:yz125;rm 125; 2003/5 yfz250; 2003 ktm 200sx; 2006 kx250f Any sugguestions on what or what not to get?
  13. jag09

    kx500 problem?

    hopefully this will work, but if not it still a steal for $650.
  14. jag09

    kx500 problem?

    im going to look at this 1988 Kawasaki KX 500, but the Bike won't start,it has all new bottom end bearings, good compression, strong spark,and its not getting any fuel. Im going to buy it as a summer project What could be some possible problems that its not getting fuel?
  15. jag09


    I've been looking at getting a yz125 because ive never rode a 250 before but i doubt it would be to big. Why are the yz250's going for less than the yz125's? do you think a yz250 would be too much for a person with a little experince and im 5'6" 145lbs.