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  1. April 04 traded my 96 XR250R (purchased new in 96) for an 04 KTM 250 EXC RFS. Totally different animal-lots more power(you can actually keep shifting up thru the gears on hills I used to have to scream up in 2nd gear on the Honda) suspension is much more sophisticated( find a very knowledgeable suspension guy to tune it to your weight-riding ability and terrain) also a JD Jetting kit is a must for trouble free starting and running. Other than being maintaimance intensive and as mentioned in a previous post - crappy side stand - I have fully enjoyed trail riding and running the WNYOA harescramle series(super senior class). Thinking of putting a deposit on an 07 250 XCF-W !!! Enjoy!!!
  2. 50race - how is the 250 rfs in the woods when lugging it with the lighter flywheel? My stock 04 250 EXC RFS will lug down to just barely turning with no problem. I'm only 160# . I race harescrambles WNYOA ( upstate NY and Pa.)
  3. if you're not already a member, join shop online - great discounts.
  4. 03 - 04 exc rfs tripmaster switch #50314068000-older ones are mechanical.