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  1. Looks like there's no takers on the set.If you want the complete front end ,exhaust,or rear shock shoot me an offer and let me know where you are and I'll try to figure out the shipping for you.I was out of commission here for a little while and still haven't done anything with them.I'll give it a week or so just to make sure no one is interested.If not I'll go ahead and list them on the other sites. Thanks, Rebel
  2. I was really hoping to find someone kinda close to take it all so I didn't have to try to ship it.I figure shipping on those heavy forks and rim would be kinda steep.
  3. Just thought I would let you guys here know before I put this stuff up on ebay or craigslist.I'm trading my 2009 230 for a 250x.I had finished the conversion and put about 3 hours on it.The guy I'm trading is 5'2" and wants the 230 stock.I have a complete 2004 cr 250 front end.It includes forks,triples,Emig racing conversion stem,new front fender(vented),new number plate,disk brake guard,front wheel,new axle,complete brake assembly minus the lever,new works rear shock(the $500 dollar model not the $580)it has the remote resevoir and the rebound adjustment on the shock body,and a new pro-circuit T-4 complete exhaust.This is a bolt on conversion now.You will need a front tire,I put mine back on the 230 rim.If any of you guys or gals are close to Ohio and are interested in picking these items up you can leave me an IM and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.I'm asking $800 for everything.I have more than that in the rear shock,steering stem,and front rim!!Thanks to everyone here for the help.Looks like I'll be moving to the X forum now. Rebel
  4. Carb is on the way! Thanks guys! Rebel
  5. The last few I drilled popped when they broke through through the brass plug.This one didn't.The threads are toast.There isn't enough there to re-tap.
  6. Just wondering if any of you guys have a stock 230 carb you want to sell?I have a brand new 09 230 and while drilling for the air screw ,I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and screwed up the threads. Probably serves me right for talking while I should have been looking at the carb! If you have one to sell just let me know how much. Thanks, Rebel
  7. Thanks alot guys!As soon as I decide which way I'm gonna go with this front end if I run into difficulties I'll be sure to let you know. Brian
  8. The way they described this disease to me was it's like M.S. only with worse side effects.Being 34 years old,married,with 5 kids and being told you're gonna end up in a wheelchair kinda sucks,but what can you do?The way I look at it is I'm gonna ride as long as I possibly can.After that I'll just have to find another site with a great bunch of guys like we have here to help me modify the chair!!!!
  9. I must not have read something right about the usd conversion Dwight.I thought everyone said the new forks raised the front end between 1.5 and 2 inches and the works shock had up to 2 inches of extra height adjustability which would even it out.I started out looking for a set of 96-04 xr 250 forks since everyone said my front wheel and brakes were a direct bolt on and there wasn't much machine work for the stem,but I couldn't find any on e-bay.I liked the fact that even though the are regular forks they are also adjustable.Right now I'm waiting on a price on a complete front end (forks,triple tree,complete wheel,axle,and brake caliper and master cylinder) from a 1988 cr 250.I believe those are still conventional forks.I'm hoping the triple tree measurements aren't too far off.Thanks again Dwight and everyone else for your help! Brian
  10. I'm not setting the bike up strictly for jumping vmeadows.I just want to be able to do so if the need arises.As I said before,I already have two motocross bikes.I sold my 06 crf and now I miss old reliable!!! I really just want to customize this one to be set up just for me.I was diagnosed with immune neuropathy about a year ago,and this will more than likely be the last new bike I buy.My legs are getting worse, so that magic button will definately help.I really can't handle the beating you get from just stiffening up the forks and shock like I did on the last one.
  11. LOL I know what he meant about using spacers to take up the difference in length between the two steering stems.I was just saying that I used spacers in my old 06 to stiffen up the springs and didn't really care to do it again.
  12. I did order the needle also.Just forgot to mention that.I wasn't sure what was in the 09 so I figured better safe than sorry.I was able to find it all right here in our store.
  13. What year kx front end are you working with?Is there a certain year that the kx 85 stem will fit?As far as making a motocross bike out of this one,I already own a 2005 yz and an 89 cr so I don't need another one.You must have missed the end of the post Dwight.I'm ordering the works shock already,I would just like a front end that wont jar my teeth loose when I get a wild hair up my a** and decide to jump this thing.I got rid of my 2006 crf230 2 years ago.I had done the spacer mod to the front end on it which helped a little ,but I want to go all out this time.I want to just do it right the first time rather than mess around. Thanks guys Brian
  14. I've done quite a bit of research on the front end conversions but I'm still not sure which way to go.I just put a downpayment on a 2009 crf 230 which should be in my garage by the beginning of Feb.I already ordered the uni filter,14/49 sprockets,45 pilot and 120 main jets,and pro circuit t-4 exhaust.I'm ordering the works rear shock this week and would like to order my front end also,that way everything is ready when I bring the bike home.I was wondering if anyone has done the measuring to see which inverted fork can be installed with the least amount of modification.I realize that the XR forks are the easiest,but I'm not sure how they will work on some of the larger jumps I occasionally hit.I also like the looks of the usd forks on the crf.Thanks for any help you guys can provide.
  15. It's off road only.Never got around to converting it.Have a guy coming to look at it this weekend.If he takes it,I found a 2004 yz250f for $2500