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  1. BigDesto

    Return of the Rats

    Save it! I heard those red bikes break hubs all the time!! More so then other brands!! Note to self- Check them sprocket bolts,Mike!!!!
  2. BigDesto

    Return of the Rats

    Kelly bring your clan out to CC TG weekend! All the kids will be ou there for her to ride around with!
  3. BigDesto

    Return of the Rats

    Prolly selling a minor some SEX WAX
  4. BigDesto

    I find out tomorrow

    Though GIRL!! Didn't even know your wrist was broken!! Was it the Navicular?? Let that heal up good!! Takes a while! See you @ the next TT day!
  5. BigDesto

    Post Randsburg ride.

    We camp at C just at the boderline where the BLM closed down! Whiteys wash was the best! Took you right down to the drylake, then across and up last chance cyn up to burrow smidts! I hate the BLM!!!
  6. BigDesto

    Return of the Rats

    I got tired of wasting money!! YOU MUST BE RICH!!!
  7. BigDesto

    Return of the Rats

    Come on take it off for the guy!! You need the practice anyway!
  8. BigDesto

    Return of the Rats

    I heard his part is on it way!!! We''ll be out there from Wed night or thurs am - sunday afternoon! Check the map!
  9. BigDesto

    Return of the Rats

    Was @ I-5 Not sure where this weekend? Since TG is next weekend! Will be camping at Campsite C over the TG week end. We have a kids track by our camp which is great for the kids! Prolly around 10+ kids will be out there with us if any of you have kids and want to head out! http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y135/BigDesto/map.jpg
  10. BigDesto

    CR250 owners

    Funny guess my problem is fixed! Just got a new 03 CR250 with a CR500 engine! Oh yeah the bike handles great and 2-strokes are easy to maintain!
  11. BigDesto

    Beware using the I5 this Sunday

  12. BigDesto

    Return of the Rats

    Looks like sunday for me! Let me know where your headed!
  13. BigDesto

    check this thing out!!

    I've seen a few Ca legal bikes there!! Crf450 streetlegal
  14. BigDesto

    Cal City Veterans Day weekend

    2 more saturdays of soccer then i'm there almost every weekend camping!
  15. BigDesto

    Hello all come in and take a look....

    NICE!! Night and Day difference from that DRZ!! ENJOY!!