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    Trying to decide on a bike?

    I've had my 450X for a year now. Its an '05, and I ride the thing HARD in the woods on sandy trails, every kind of terrain you can imagin for that matter. Keep up and pass the guys I ride with NO problem, and other than the time I dumped it and twisted the left radiator in half... This bike has never limped home once. It's been like a Timex watch! It starts immediately with the button, or with a kick (I kick it once in a while just for the heck of it). I've checked the valves twice now and though they are off .002 on both sides, + on one side of the shaft, and - on the other. They are within spec. and I've not touched them. It idles and runs absolutely PERFECT everywhere in the power band with 50/50 race mix. Did all the mods and tuning myself, tuning was a cake walk with the JD kit, but had to go bigger on the main than anything included in the kit because of other mods. I run Royal Purple in both sides. Just a bit over the recommended levels, and when I pull the top cover off the engine everything looks as clean and perfect as new. The very first time I changed the oil I found a couple little paint chips in it, other than that its always been as clean draining out as the day I poured it in. I've added every "go fast" mod. you can find in the book other than the cam, and have found only a 500R able to compare to the kind of top end I'm getting (smokes that bike and the others at bottom end and mid range!). If forced to complain about the bike, all I can tell you is it rides WAY harder than the other bikes (they've all had professional suspension rebuilds), and it's a little to tall for me in the sand (I'm 5'10''). Otherwise, I'd recommend an X to anybody at ANY skill level! OUTSTANDING BIKE!!!! I cant imagin any other bike having been any better! Unless guys are having problems nobody posts much of anything on here about their bikes at all. As great a time as I've had with mine, I'd hate to think anyone is getting scared off by people not doing maitenance right, or the one in a hundred thousand bikes that did HONESTLY have a problem from the factory. I own Suzuki's, Yamaha's, and other Honda's, and from the experiences I've had over the years... RIDE RED! THEY'VE IMPRESSED THE #$$ OUT OF ME!!! (and everyone else thats riden the X!)
  2. BDude

    New WR450 is a DOG - Help please!

    I've run (2) WR450's, both modified, & a HIGHLY modified 400 Yamaha... The 400 was comparable at least, but the 450's both ran like my daughters scooter. Sorry guys, anytime you want to race I'D LOVE IT!!! LETS GO BABY! '05 Honda 450X
  3. BDude

    X and R fenders the same?

    Honda shows the same part number for the front fender on both bikes.
  4. BDude

    525 EXc over a Honda 450x?

    Well, all opinions aside... I ride an 05 450X, have swapped rides with (1) HIGHLY modified 400 yamaha, (2) modified 450 yamahas, (1) stock 500R, (1) stock honda 650, & (1) 05 525 KTM... EVERY one of the other riders came back and said "WOW", what did you do to get that kind of power?!? YES, my bike is modified, the 450X IS a dog out of the dealership, jetted SUPER lean! (I went from a 142 main to a 172!). BUT, I havent done anything to my bike these other guys hadent done! I agree the 525 "feels" lighter handleing & beats the crap out of the yamahas! But, the one I rode had a JD kit, and a Pro Circuit pipe (LOUD!), & HE even agree'd I'd smoke him in a drag race... (Wouldnt run me even though he's a MUCH better rider) Any bike is what you make of it! Tune it right, and you can get it to do whatever your looking for. Buy the one your comfortable sitting on & go from there.
  5. BDude

    CRF 450x?s

    If you get the X be sure and let your Yamaha riding friends take it for a ride! The look on there faces tells the whole story... Along with the "Holly crap!" they say when they come back. The Suzuki 450 is the same story to, feels like a tired old pony compared to a race horse!
  6. It must have been a change they made late in the 05 model run... My 05 450X has the drain hole already in it. I only know this because the first time I rode the bike (quick 5 minute ride) it leaked oil or something from the hole. It hasnt leaked anything since that first ride (I checked the hole to see if it got plugged or something), so I guess it was just the new seal seating.
  7. BDude

    crf450x updates

    hondanews.com Tells you everything you'd want to know.
  8. BDude

    How many guys use the R for off road vs moto?

    Why is it everybody that offroads a motocross bike bad mouths the off road bikes? Yet the first thing all the guys on mx'rs do is start modifying there "perfectly good" bikes to match exactly what the off road bikes come with from the factory?!?! Seem's a lot like saying. "CRAP! I wanted to be cool and buy the race bike, but now I'm stuck with this thing thats terrible on the trail! Better stick to my guns or I'll look really stupid now!" Better them than me!
  9. I just picked up the bike this week and have only 10 miles on it. I'm riding at 300 meters A.S.L., and the factory carb setup is lean enough that every time I decelerate the bike snaps and pops pretty bad. I've just ordered, and should recieve within a week: JD jetting kit, Pro Circuit Ti-4 full system, twin air filter kit, and a quickshot accelerator pump. I've cut the top out of the air box, and moved the pink wire off the ECU. My question is. Given that the bike is running really lean from the factory even before any mod.'s, where should I start with the jetting kit??!?! Thanks for any help you can give!