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  1. rfbryan

    How far do you ride to work?

    hey crasherjoe... which way are you coming from? I ride in from the east (live in Clinton, about halfway to Wilmington). If you see a fat bastard on a yellow 06, that'd be me. see you out there....
  2. rfbryan

    Won't run... Electrical issue?

    A friend of mine has an older DR 650... Somewhere between a 1998-2000 year model I believe. He was riding it several months ago when it stopped running and it's been lanquishing in his shed ever since. Because I just got my DR this week, and now have something to ride off road with him, I'm bugging him to get it fixed.... Hopefully one of you can give some pointers on what to try... The scenario of the breakdown goes like this... His bike wouldn't start, so he charged the battery. Bike then started and ran fine. A few miles out of town it died on him and wouldn't restart. At that point, he trailered it home, put it in his shed and forgot about the poor thing... Could this be as simple as replacing the battery? Who knows how old the battery is. I assume that's the first step. If that doesn't do the trick, what else should he check? Any common problems? Could it be something like the kickstand kill switch? TIA!
  3. rfbryan

    How far do you ride to work?

    Yep bigger gas tank is definitely on the list. Thanks for the replies... will have to find out for myself soon :-) Had a GREAT time playing on the street and in the dirt today, getting to know my new toy. Having a blast so far!
  4. rfbryan

    How far do you ride to work?

    Ok, so people ride their DR's to work. But how far do you ride, and how much of it is high-speed (say, 80 mph) slab? My wife just bought me a DR for my birthday on Sunday (yes, she's THAT AWESOME ). I was actually wanting a DRZ, but the dealer couldn't find one anywhere, and it turns out I'm glad. I love the DR, and am having a blast with it on the poorly paved, yet curvy roads around my house. I'm guessing I will ride a fair amount on tarmac vs. dirt, so the 650 feels like the right bike. Anyway... I'm grinning. But, back to the question at hand... I have a 165 mile round trip commute into Raleigh-Durham.... mostly on I-40, which has a 70mph speed limit. So, I generally ride in, when I don't wuss out because of rain, and am wanting to take the DR. I don't think I'll do the commute until it's broken in, due to too much droning at a single speed.... but how doable is it? Will this bike be ok going 80 mph for an hour? TIA!