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  1. Hi i was wondering if anyone has a 2011 crf450 with factory connection suspention? If so and u ride sand what do u like your settings at??? thanks
  2. Hi i want to buy a yoshi stainless full system with the 96db insert.. If anyone has one how does it perform compared to stock and where did u notice the gain????? And what did u do for maping...thanks and is it a nice deep sound like the o9 shorty exhaust..
  3. Hi i have a new take off 09-10 crf450 muffler and was wondering what it is worth ???? thanks
  4. taz1

    Revalve or just springs??

    So im better to just do springs???
  5. taz1

    2011 crf 450 yoshimura !!!!

    wow looks nice ..... thanks alot. Bike looks good !!!
  6. taz1

    2011 crf 450 yoshimura !!!!

    Any real pics on your bike ??
  7. Hi i have a 2011 crf 450 . im an amature rider and weight is 230. should i just do heavier springs or get the revalve also?? Will i notice a big diff with revalve??? thanks never had suspention done before..
  8. Hi guys has anyone put a full yoshimura exhaust on there 2011 450??? If so can u post pics. the 2011 pipe from yoshi is longer so want to see what it looks like. thanks
  9. taz1

    220LB suspension settings 2011 450

    I weight that too and have an 2011 450... would we half to revalve it also or just springs thanks guys ......
  10. Hi guys i was wondering if anyone has the notako rims buy excell and rad hubs??? If so what can you tell me about them? I just bought an 2011 450 and was thinking red hubs and black wheels. thanks
  11. Hi where would you send yours if you had to do it again enzo or fc ???? Thanks might be some new opinions !!!!!
  12. it is hard like u can scrape it off with razor blade !!!
  13. umm degreasers engine brite gas just normal stuff !!! just kinda weired never seen it on any bikes. thanks
  14. Hey guys i have tried everything and the only thing that takes it off is a scotch brite pad. But it takes the shine off the spokes.
  15. so would u not care if it was yours ???