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  1. jke445

    always hungry?

    It's really simply to figure out what's wrong with you. You're body is screaming for HELP, it's not getting enough nutrition, that's why you're hungry. You're killing youself with the sugar. I/ve adapted a raw foods diet and never get hunger pains anymore. I never eat anything out of a package or cooked until 5pm and my energy levels are through the roof. I am a 49 yr old triathalete that trains 2x day, so I need alot of good vitamins and minerals to keep active. I went from 255lbs to 195 lbs since I've incorpated this life style.My lipid test compares that of an 18 yr old and my rest heart rate is 47 bpm. Suggest material: hulu.com and watch the following: Knives over forks: River of waste Fat Sick and Nearly Dead!!!!!!!!! THIS IS YOU. READ: China Study. Finding Ultra - Great Book for Coach Potatoes. My Favorite. Thrive Diet. Sorry for the long rant but am passionate for good health and pissed the US goverment, big pharm, AMA medical, big agricalture want to keep the dumb ass public sick. Do some research, I wouldn't go to Runnersworld.com to ask how to change a piston on my CRF450, so why do so many people look for heath advice on a motorcycle forum? Good Luck,
  2. Dr. Mark, My 16 yr old son dislocated his shoulder (forward) Sat night and had it put back in place at the hospital that night. What is the probality that it will keep dislocating? My son's wish is to get the surgury right away and get it over with since he believes that it's going to pop out again. The Orhto doctor doesnt recommend surgury right away until it occurs at least once. My question is, what do your recommend to your patients? I understand that everyone is different but is there a chance of it never poping out agin? Or perhaps just getting the surgery right away. Thanks
  3. jke445

    Indiana NWI Yamaha Dealers?

    Hey, I'm looking to maybe buy a new YZ in NorthWest Indiana, any good dealers that I can get a good OTD price$ Where do you guys shop? Thanks
  4. I have weird problem where my drain screw for the carb bowl is constant leaking. Not the 17mm nut but the little fuel screw, that hose is constantly dripping fuel with my screw turned in all the way. I looked inside and the threads dont look stripped but as soon as I turn the fuel petcock on that hose from the drain plug keeps leaking. I ordered a new screw but cant figure out why it would leak if the screw is turned in. I also took the float off and cleaned the needle valve thinking that was the problem. Any ideas thanks.
  5. jke445

    Rusty ott

    I dont know but I sure miss Pro Source..I need a bike!
  6. jke445

    2009 YZ250f vs 2010-11 250f

    Thanks guys, leaning more towards a '11, since I cant find any '10's. whats the best OTD prices out there?
  7. Has anyone rode both the 08-09 and new model 250f's 2010-11? Is there really that much difference in handling to justify the price difference? Or does it really handle alot better? This is for MX\SX tracks. Thanks,
  8. jke445

    5k tips

    When is your first race? I know you live in Minn. but the the first thing you need to do it get off the treadmill! Dont worry about your speed, enjoy your first 5K. I'd shoot for distance first, make sure that you're able to run a good 6-7k before getting in the race. Also, you can look at race results from last year in your age group to see what kind of pace you need to be at.
  9. jke445

    Indoor mx, Racine Wisconsin

    Any ride reports yet?
  10. jke445

    Rusty ott

  11. I think we all need to get together and drive down to her office in Chicago, and get in her face. She is NUTS. I am wondering if the office is open on Saturdays?
  12. jke445

    Please advise - knee injuries + squats

    How about two torn meniscus (fixed) on the same knee? I really what to get back to squatting but the Ortho just told me no powerlifting.
  13. jke445

    MRI question

    No, they num the shoulder.
  14. jke445

    Wir open

    Did it change? YYYEEEaappp,