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  1. Keith731

    Broken Tib/Fib

    I didn't have knee braces on??? I wonder how I didn't break my knee instead.
  2. Keith731

    Broken Tib/Fib

    Dr. Mark, does it sound like I am doing enough rehab?? Would you recommend anything different?? I have been doing some upper body on my bowflex for like 3 months now too.
  3. Keith731

    Broken Tib/Fib

    Well, I have not had a compound fracture, but I broke my fib, nice and clean, and shattered my tib, that was on Jan. 13th of this year, 5 surgery's and 17 days later, I was out of the hospital. I got plates, and screws, not a rod I guess because it was such a bad break. I was told, it would have been better to have a compound fracture, because I ended up with, what the doctors called "compact syndrome" and had to have a skin graph to close the 1st operation. It was been nearly 6 months, and I can walk with one crutch, and I have been going to the gym, to work out my leg, 3 times a week and riding a stationary bike for like 48 minutes a day 5 to 6 days a week, and I just started working out, and ridding the stationary bike 2 weeks ago. I am 37 years old, so I am sure I heal a bit slower, but I think I would have rather tore up my knee, than go thru this. GOOD LUCK
  4. Who pulls it off, in long run?? with Stewart riding so well??
  5. No license, but i am not afraid of a little street shed, here and there.
  6. Keith731

    Mike Brown

    I like Brown too, glad to hear is not done yet.......Go Brownie and LaRocco.........I like to see the old guys still going strong, even if I can't.......Are they going to be in Toronto??
  7. Keith731

    I just cant believe what Im reading

    I say ride them till they break.
  8. I know of a few places here in Ohio, that are now gone, and a bunch catching a lot of B.S.
  9. Do you think after market companies should make the bikes less noisy, while giving up a little power, in the hope of saving riding area's??
  10. Keith731

    Favorite dirtbike magazine

    Racer X Ill............it's the best, I remember when it was a local district 5 paper, and it was the best back then??
  11. Who pulls the holeshot in the 450 main??? I don't know if Windham is going??
  12. Who pulls the holeshot in the 450 main??? Reed Stewart RC Tedesco Kyle Lewis I don't know if Windham is going??
  13. Keith731

    Supercross On Tv

    Sweet, I wish I was going.
  14. Keith731

    fmx bike

    cr 250, with black plastic all cut up, and a bunch of skater stickers on it, or of course your mom!!!![/B]
  15. Keith731

    Do you oil your o-ring chain

    WD 40, just to keep her nice and smooth