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  1. kukrapoc450

    show off your husky

    oups! obviously the link didn't work! http://www.dynamicbike.ch/occasions/index.php?action=view&offset=6
  2. kukrapoc450

    show off your husky

    here's a pic of my 2010 tc 450(already sold) and the new tc 449/ swiss team graphics!
  3. kukrapoc450

    offset change for 08 tc 510?

    I read somewhere that mxa prefers to ride with their 08 TC 450 with 2007 TC triple clamps (24 mm)instead of the 08 (22mm)... Does anyone done the mod? does it fits without any mods? Thanks!
  4. kukrapoc450

    2008 Tc 510 weak clutch hub?

    I bought a Rekluse pro for my TC 510 last week, while removing the OEM clutch hub i saw a big rut on it, and same on the first clutch plate! Bike is 25 hours old, my husky dealer told me that it's normal..(i rode Hondas for 20 years and never wear a clutch part like that!!!?)
  5. kukrapoc450

    2009 Tc 450/ Te 310 !!!!

    http://www.husqvarna-motorcycles.com/_vti_g3_prArt.aspx?idart=99&rpstry=163 Nice!!!
  6. kukrapoc450

    Stiffer springs 2008 TC 510 ?

    The top rider of Husqvarna switzerland told me that he rides 5"4 spring in his fork (a factory Zoke) and he weights 190 lbs, that's why i'm looking forward to change the springs.(he rides faster than me so i think 5"2 springs should be enough..) thanks to all!
  7. kukrapoc450

    Stiffer springs 2008 TC 510 ?

    I'm cm and 200 lbs and it seems that the 510 is a bit unsprung for me. TKM (a wellknown german suspension specialist) did a good job with new settings front and rear but i feel i need something more, especially in the rough sections of the track(i rode honda for years and changed the springs each time). I can't find stiffer springs on the web.. could you help me? Stock Front is 5 kg and rear is 5.6 kg.. Thanks!
  8. kukrapoc450

    MX3 HVA!!!! 1st overall TC!!

    Aie aie aie! Allier DNF/DNF (too bad he had a very good pace in the second moto, leading Pourcel for two laps and chasing him a few more..) due to mechanicals problems... Martin DNF/ DNF, too :-( Pourcel won by a large margin...
  9. kukrapoc450

    MX3 HVA!!!! 1st overall TC!!

    They only use works top ends and factory suspensions... both riders are on 450 tc. T.Allier did the 3 rd best laptime in qualifications yesterday, Seb Pourcel (who usually rides MX1 but was invited) set the fastest lap. Will be tough for the Husky to win today.. Sunny weather, by the way.
  10. kukrapoc450

    Txc Rekluse Specs

    Any release date for the Z-Pro version? Thks!
  11. kukrapoc450

    Husky rider wins French MX1 opener race!!!

    Huskies don't have a very good image since the Alessio Chiodi years back in 1998 and his 3 mx world 125 cc titles... BUT they think that's way more reliable than KTM, Huskies are like old USSR space shuttles, they can lose bolts, spill oil or water but they finish the races!!! lol Hope this year will help turn people opinions...Those bikes are awesome!!
  12. Thomas Allier won today the first race of the French Motocross mx1 championship in Sommieres! That was a muddy race, Allier won the first heat and the super finale (mixed mx1 and mx2 riders), getting thrid in the second moto after doing a small mistake... Third podium spot of the day was taken by another Husky rider, Christophe Martin... For those who are not afraid of french language, you can check some pics and results on www.mx2k.com Both Allier and Martin will attend Mx3 World championships this year.. Best luck to us!!!
  13. kukrapoc450

    Floating front disc recommendation?

    i bought a WRP 260mm floating disc for my 08, it's made by braking so that's totally the same product! Works very well, maybe a good placebo option :-) Oh i bought it in france...
  14. kukrapoc450

    Throttle tube compatibilities?

    Thanks guys! (obrigado, Luiz!) I'll check that asap!
  15. kukrapoc450

    Throttle tube compatibilities?

    Ok but i cannot reach a fresh version of Uptite's website.. Do you know a dealer who ships this product overseas? (i'm from switzerland!!!) Thanks!