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  1. NWThumper

    xr 80 (big valve?) head.

    storminnorman07 , Unbeilievable,- I love it. Do you have a picture of the piston you are going to use? What is it?
  2. NWThumper

    CR85/XR100 Conversion (Project: UltiMini)

    --settintrendz I love seeing your stuff. I was thinking of powder coating my son's hubs. What type of prep work ( You Mention: Stock hubs machined and PC'd, Buchanan stainless spokes, and PC'd Excel rims.") do you do to the hubs before you take them to the powder coater? Also, do you have to drill out the holes for the larger spokes and does the power coating make them too small for stock spokes. Do you just tape of the bearing surfaces? Sorry for so many questions. Thanks
  3. NWThumper

    brett matcalfe

    REDEMPTION! Metty is a studdddddd.
  4. NWThumper

    my northwest baja 1000 team

    Trackmaster, I have to be careful what I say because we won the Score Championship for our class this year and B_J_ Pits has given us a free year of pits next year. I will say that Carlos does a great job most of the time. At Pit 9 our rider had a flat for 20 miles and they helped change a tube, they pinched one tube and then another. They patched that tube and we where off. 20-30minutes later We had a planned self pit Race Mile 450 (El Arco) and a rider change. The rear had been flat for the last 15 miles; I guess the patch job didn’t hold very well. We put on the race lights and changed an air filter, front and rear wheels. The team we where battling with all day (and for the championship) passed us during that pit. I got on the bike to try and make up the time. I kept them in check as I was in their dust most of that run until I got to B_J_ Pit 10. When I came into the Pit they didn't have any of the gas cans filled and race gas was still in the 55 gallon drums. 12 minutes later I was on my way. I was extremely pissed as I had battled hard to get back the position and then had to wait on them for gas. Over all they are ok- just we seem to have small issues with them every time. Sorry, I should just do a race report of our own -- didn't mean to pirate your thread.
  5. NWThumper

    my northwest baja 1000 team

    204x OVERALL SPT M/C<250CC— Greg Willits, Sisters, Ore./Jeff Johnson, Portland, Ore. 25:49:15 (41.12 mph). We are a NW based team and also a few buddies from Colorado. The NW was well represented @ this years Baja 1000. Brandon Brown (from OR) was also the fastest Quad. Viva Baja Jeff
  6. NWThumper

    my northwest baja 1000 team

    Who raced the section from Check 7 into the dump @ Loreto? I was on our bike there and had a minor/major get off 4 or 5 miles before the dump and started going backwards on the course for a few miles. I think you guys were battling with a 150x-ish bike when I saw you and got my wits about me again and pointed in the right direction. After prerunning that section a few times, I was not surprised that they changed the race course around some of those silt beds.
  7. NWThumper

    Im pulling the trigger

  8. NWThumper

    CRF Stuff.com

    They are a great company who are devoted to our sport and they build very cool stuff. There are alot of race teams that either use or are looking at using their CRF STUFF.
  9. NWThumper

    CRF450X baja jetting?

    Thanks Eddie!
  10. I have a 2007 Crf450X. We had a major meltdown in the Baja 1000 because we were very lean and paid the price. We have a new motor and are going to put the race bike on a Dyno to help get proper jetting figured out. We have installed a 08 CRF450R Cam, Airbox mod/not butchered and a Pro Circuit Pipe. I am trying to accumulate all the jets I will need. I received these jetting recommendations (stock exhaust with core removed), air box mod, stock air filter. stock cam -->main--->170 08 cam shaft mod---->178 main pilot--> 45 starter jet--->65 NCYS needle 4th from top My questions are: 1. Do people change the starter jet? Isn't this jet only used when the choke is on? 2. Should the starter jet recommendation actually be a leak jet change? 3. If I change the starter jet, does anyone have an OEM part#. I have looked on the TRX, CRF250x and a few other models that have this carb setup but no luck in finding a 65 starter jet. Thanks for your help.
  11. NWThumper

    indoor track in clark county

    I absolutely would support an indoor facility. My two boys and I would be very regular customers. I would recommend that you make sure you create value with a truly well done facility so the experience is worth what you will have to charge to be able to keep the doors open past the first year or two. As MX riders, we need to look at what it costs for other recreational experiences (Mt Hood Meadows adult lift ticket-$69, Vail-$95) and accept that our sport is not cheap and will never be cheap. I wish money grew on trees and that everyone could ride for free but with our current available riding spots shrinking or out right going away, it would make good sense for a pay to play mentality in today’s world. It sucks—but it is true. Please don't try to put together a shoe string budget facility that fails at the expense of you (whom ever is thinking about building it) and to the people who will frequent and even travel to a real MX experience. Wow-- I am getting a little misty now myself! PS... Maybe Obama will give you a loan! PSS... Please fight the kids motorcycle lead ban and join a motorcycle club that will fight for your right to ride for free.. JJ, MJ, and CJ
  12. NWThumper

    Castle Rock WA

    Hey thanks for the information! The weather looks like it is not going to be such a great weekend around here. If your end up not riding anywhere on Sunday, maybe you could meet me and show me around in the sand/rocks next to I-5. Jeff
  13. NWThumper

    Castle Rock WA

    Does anyone know if you can ride legally on the west side of I-5 North of Castle Rock? If you can, how do you access it? Thanks
  14. NWThumper

    Baja 1000

    Air one! Who are the riders on your team and what part of Oregon are you from?
  15. NWThumper

    tourist visa

    Does anyone know how late the imigration office is open at the TJ border crossing so that we can get our Tourist Visa before heading to Baja Sur