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  1. hey guy

    Cheap tear offs.com legit or not?

    they work great, and only took 2 days to ship to canada
  2. hey guy

    Is this piston good?

    You obvisiously dont know much about mechanics if you are wondering if that piston is still good. Why cant you just listen to people on this forum (which have lots of experience) everyone has given you good advice. Get a new piston/cylinder and get it done right this time.
  3. hey guy

    Another new neck protector

    I dont see it being that much more than the thor sentinal. Hopefully its under $200
  4. hey guy

    Another new neck protector

    I just found another picture of it
  5. I saw this a few days ago and I didnt seen anything about it here. Its a prototype from Sixsixone, looks like a thor sentinal chest protector with a leatt brace attached to it. I will be getting it as soon as it comes out. http://www.transworldmotocross.com/gallery.jsp?ID=1000016848&imageNbr=26&typeID=1
  6. Are you guys using the steel or alloy primary drive sprokets?
  7. hey guy

    bike goes boom

    I didnt mind it, only because it was a honda
  8. Im in the same situation as you, I would also like to hear what others do.
  9. hey guy

    Accessories in Bellingham,Wa area?

    check out Mount Baker Motosports, they have a lot of gear and parts.
  10. hey guy

    My 2008 Yz 450f Review

    I got a 2007 YZ450F this weekend and my buddy got a 2008. After we broke in our bikes, we switched bikes for a while, right away I noticed the lack of bottom end on the 2008. It was a huge difference, I could really feel the lack of power down low, even my buddy said the same thing. The 2008 is still a great bike, I think the pipe is just restricting it too much.
  11. hey guy

    differences between 06-08

    nevermind, they just word it differently on the US site "Revised intake port shapes, and revised intake and exhaust cam profiles increase combustion efficiency for improved torque and throttle response in the low- to mid-rpm range."
  12. hey guy

    differences between 06-08

    On www.yamaha-motor.ca it says that the 2008 YZ450F highlights are "New camshafts, intake tract and "shorty" muffler, revised frame and 48mm fork" Why hasn't anyone noticed the new camshafts? Is it a Canadian thing?
  13. hey guy

    Vancouver BC Day of riding

    We ride all year round here in the Vancouver area. In the winter where it rains and snows on the mountains, we stay down low, by the river banks. In the summer when the snow is gone, he head back up the mountains for some amazing riding:applause:
  14. hey guy

    I have a few questions

    Thanks for the help guys, ill check out the other thread.
  15. hey guy

    I have a few questions

    Well me and my buddy are planning on getting pit bikes, we have already decided on the SSR 125 C-3 because of our budget. First off, what do you guys think about these bikes? Is the Zongshen engine reliable? Is there anything I should look out for when I get it? Like check for loose bolts and spokes, timing... Also, what are some parts I should get that break easily or need replacing, like levers, shifters, grips, airfilters... I was also wondering how long these bikes last, can people that have this bike or similiar ones post how long they had theirs for and if they had any problems. I just want to know what I need to do so I can get the most out of my bike and so it wont break. Thanks.