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  1. Have not used them but found this site.
  2. Lube the lip of the boot a little and use a screw driver to guide it on. I had the best luck guiding it on from the right hand side of the bike with someone pushing the sub frame down. Then a couple of bumps with my palm against the boot and bingo its on. I have done this at least 4 times on the new bike and all with the shock attached.
  3. I have to agree! I put the Flatland on my 07 WR450 last week and it is very nice! It looks much better than the one for the 07 WR250. There are no hooks for the bottom frame rails to fight with like the 250. It amplifies the motor noise a little but not nearly as bad as I figured it would.
  4. I don't know anything about them but I saw some the other day at
  5. But he did @ Last Man Standing this last year.
  6. This stock plastic crap ain't gonna cut any more. I am ready for a real skid plate. Is there anyone other than Utah Cycle who has one available? How do you get to look at the GYT-R unit? When I looked I found YZ products only and the WR skid plate is different from the YZ.
  7. I am really new to this and I can't get the pictures posted. It says that I can't use attachments. If you want to see the pics just send me a PM with your email and I will send them that way.
  8. Lube up the inside the boot lip with windex of something like that helps also. Don't go crazy with the stuff just gets it wet. I went from a CRF to the 07 WR so I have some experience with the pain in the butt boot around the frame.
  9. I just installed the unabiker rad guards and they are great. Took a little time to get them on but it is well worth it. I never had to bend or twist anything. Perfect fit, nice packaging, easy directions, and what a great company to work with. The guy included his cell # just in case I had any trouble getting them on since this is a new bike and new brace for them. 07 WR450 hopefully get some pics to post soon.
  10. Works Connection sent me back an email saying they hope to have some by Feb.