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    Boiling Gas?

    I have had the same problem, IMS tank, hot temp, working the engine hard, slow pull up rocky hill, no air flow gas will boil at about 157F depending on ethanol percentage DON'T use a one way check valve, builds dangerous pressure in tank Lowe's has 12"or 14'' wide furnace insulation, (foil and foam with a sticky back), you should help secure it with duct tape, cover the under side of the tank and very important to wrap your exhaust with CooL IT header wrap, you need to keep engine and exhaust heat out of the fuel and carb this will fix your fuel boiling and the cooler fuel temp will run better Haskell in Idaho, have a great ride
  2. gary haskell

    WR450 road-worthiness.

    "06" wr450 4500 miles Mobil V-twin 20/50 summer(hot) 15/46 final drive, cruise about 60/65mph. The Yamaha 450 ATV clutch basket and crank drive gear (very important, torsion springs are built into this basket, smooths the single power stroke) I use the recluse clutch, makes the gearing work in the mountains, I have glazed one set of fictions at about 3800 miles (not bad, for as hard as the bike gets used) I run the stock knobbies, they work fine on the road and great on the single track trails, be sure to BALANCE them I have ridden the bike over 300 mile in one day with no regrets 50 mpg plus, if you take it easy on the throttle. Pro gel seat pad for miles of sit down riding. Very smooth and reliable, ride to work, ride to the mountains ( 10 to 30 miles to mountains) very easy to put 150 to 200 miles on, with road, two track, and trail. valve setting has not change (this is not a Honda) I will buy a 2007 and setup as a dual sport.
  3. gary haskell

    lost the thread

    Trying to find the thread that talked about different battery sizes for a wr thanks
  4. I had a “05’’, it was a nice bike nothing real exciting, I rode it on mountain trails, desert and the street, it worked. The ''06'' 450wr is a great bike, one of my favorites, for what I am using it for. Has your basic 450 mods, runs better, cleaner, more power, and very smooth, suspension is great, over all feel and handling is great, for this weight of bike. Forty years of riding and about that many bikes, yes I have some miles on me and previously owned bikes! I have snickered at people with, the Rekluse clutch, but, I had to try one, it works excellent and is so easy to use, works great when pushing/ pulling, through snow and over unrideable objects, throttle with the right hand and pull with the left hand, I don't kill the engine! I run 15/46 final gearing for road trips and the trails, with the Rekluse I can still pick my way through the easy and moderately difficult Idaho trails and I can run 60/65 miles per hour all day(50 mpg). I use my ''06'' 200xcw when we do the difficult trails, it's great for the mountains. I have a 450 four wheeler clutch basket and primary drive gear (clutch basket has torsion springs, I have mentioned this before) this really adds to smoothing the feel of the engine's power strokes. The bike is street legal, and works very well as a dual sport,or dirt bike, VERY RELIABLE, as you can tell I am impressed with the ''06'' and the Rekluse clutch, works great on the trails and the street, I use a Pro Gel seat pad when riding on a two track road, or the street, very comfortable, eliminates any seat vibration,on single track, the gel pad goes in the back pack. I always balance the wheels. Have a great ride Haskell in Idaho
  5. gary haskell

    WR on the road

    I have put the primary gears (this includes the clutch basket) from the yamaha 4 wheeler that uses the 450 motor, in my "05"wr, this clutch has torsional springs to control the power stroke shock, this makes the bike smoother through the drivetrain. A 15/46 gearing and a pro gel seat cover and the bike well cruise at 65 mph easily and get 50mpg the oil temp is 175/185 degrees F(this is perfect) on a 90 degree summer day, the farthest I have riden in one day is 300miles, this trip was dirt roads, some single track and paved roads. The bike works great and is not tiring to ride. I have 6500 miles on this bike.
  6. gary haskell

    WR450 on the road

    Dual sporting my '05' wr450 works great, much lighter than a real dual sport, so I can blaze the sand washes in the desert or ride single track stuff in our Idaho mountains ( the tough technical trails I use my 200ex-w) lowered the bike 1.5" I'm short so this helps in being able to touch the ground. Gearing 15/46 cruise at 65mph smooth very little vibration, at 45 to 55mph on desert two track stuff, I can get 50 miles pre gallon if I'm easy on the throttle. You have to keep your speed up on the single tracks because of the gearing, if only they would put a six speed in like my Husabergs had( four, Husaberg 501s, my favorite bikes of any, in forty years of riding) I'm using DOT Pirelli tires, dropped rear fender, stock muffler small restricter remover, balanced the tires. I put a primary gear set from the 4wheeler in a few weeks ago, this got rid of the knock I had and the clutch has torsional springs for pavement use, works great. I have checked oil temperature and after running 30 miles at 75 mph the temp was 185 degrees F this is great! I wrapped the exhaust and put the cool-it blanket between the exhaust and the carb, e-line skid plate with six one inch holes for air flow, this all helps the engine to run at the right temperature. 20/40 or 20/50 good quality oil,depending on air temp. 5000 miles and the valve setting is still within spec, great engine, just needs a six speed. the bike has been a lot of fun, I rode it 300 miles one day(the furthest I rode my RI in a day was 230 miles) I used a pro gel pad their smaller one, works great on the narrow seat for two track and pavement riding, when I hit the trails I put it in my back pack or the soft saddle bags that hang from the pro billet rack. have a great ride /haskell in Idaho
  7. gary haskell

    Engine knock 2005 450 wr

    Engine knock 2005 450 wr at 3500 miles my 450 started knocking loud enough to be very annoying. I have been around bikes for many years and under stand single cylinder rattle and clutch rattle, this is not what the noise is. I have about 5500 miles on the bike now, I use it as a dual sport 40% road 60%dirt works great except for the annoying knock, noise has been about the same for the last 2000 miles. I have the engine apart, piston ,rod and main bearing clearance are good, the engine looks perfect in side, all the bearings are good, what I did find is .002" runout on the drive side of the crank, yamaha's max runout spec, I have repaired cranks for forty years and always get them under .0005", but I sure the .002" runout on this crank is not causing the knock. I checked the primary drive gears for backlash, I have from .001" to .008"runout/ in the .008" contact area, there is a noticeable knock when you rock the crank back and forth, .001" to .002" would be right for backlash on these gears, the clutch gear is not centered perfect, causing the runout, I sure this is causing the knocking noise. I have order new primary drive gears from a 450 in the 4wheeler, this clutch has torsional springs built into it, should work better for street riding, hoping the new gears have less runout. Has anyone found their 450 after some miles to start knocking and if so what did you find. This is not valves lash or cam chain noise. Any ideas would be appreciated.