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  1. jr50kid

    dirt rider bike build

    Let me do my best Carnac the Magnificent: "Another $25k DRZ."
  2. jr50kid

    Midwest bikes

  3. jr50kid

    Swingarm decals.

    For those of you who do not frequent il caffè husky, I have had some swingarm decals printed up. There are a few sets of silver and some of the black left. E-mail me if you are interested in a set. dandpprentice at msn dot com
  4. jr50kid

    Best over all rider

    I saw KTM rider Eric Jensen do things with a bike I still don't believe.
  5. jr50kid

    how much

    Cool, Ironram. It really does make a big difference when you can get your buddys on board with your riding obsession. It has been getting better every year around here. paul
  6. jr50kid

    trial bike tire on 150rb??

    True trials tires are great. There is a difference between cheap trials tread tires and true trials soft gummy rubber compound tires. They are meant to be run at low pressures, I run 8psi, and conform to pull traction like you wouldn't believe. And they last for a very long time. I raced with an IRC on the back of my 250F in tight woods HS and enduros for an entire season and it performed as well or better than a knobby. It is still at least at 85%. Trials tires are not good: In deep mud. They have close knob spacing and pack up. On asphalt. They don't like high speeds, will get hot and shed knobs. Flat tracking. Too much sidewall flex. Brake sliding. Once they let go, they aren't as predictable as a knobby. I have found they do fine in sand. If you have a smooth riding style they are really hard to beat in 1st to 3rd gear tight technical stuff.
  7. jr50kid

    Questions about a 250

    Only in the desert. I had a TE510, and now have a TXC250. I miss the 510 for playing around, but would never think of racing one here again. The TXC does everything better in the woods. With a lot less effort by me.
  8. jr50kid

    TCX250 or WR250

    I had a TE510 and stepped 'down' to a TXC250. I do enduros and an occasional hare scramble on it. I'm WAY faster on it than the TE. The TXC suspension is awesome for what I do, and feels even better the harder I ride it. In the areas that we ride, it's very rare that I miss the larger displacement.
  9. http://www.cafehusky.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3207
  10. jr50kid

    Swingarm decals

    In case anyone is interested: http://huskytalk.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1517&p=5356#p5356 or http://www.cafehusky.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3018
  11. jr50kid

    Wanted- bar clamps

    Looking for a set of 1 1/8" handlebar clamps. What year did Suzuki move to the fatbar stock? And can the stock clamps from those years be directly swapped with a rubber mounted '03 125? paul
  12. jr50kid

    Need DR-Z 125L service manual

    mtoneill- your inbox is full.
  13. jr50kid

    Need DR-Z 125L service manual

    Sent him a PM over a week ago...no response. He hasn't been on here since Feb. 4th.
  14. Looking for a service manual for my son's new ride...CD? PDF? Hard copy? Doesn't matter to me, shot me a PM if you have one to sell or have a good source. paul
  15. jr50kid

    WTB: Wheels

    For '08 you shouldn't need a wider axle....thought that wasn't an issue since '06? Wasn't on my TE.....