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  1. LUIS

    new handlebar suggestion

    If you want the perfect bar for your bike with the risers you bought, you must buy the Renthal 7/8 613-01SI (SI is for the color SI = Silver BU=Blue GD= Gold) This bar is high and wide enough for you. Here isthe link: http://www.motocrossworld.com/site/scripts/product_browse.php?product_id=14142&PHPSESSID=1b62d9a281b466367257050c4d4421fa
  2. LUIS

    Buyinjg A Used Xr 400

    ?????????????????????????????????????????? I offer 3000 usd.
  3. I am waiting for my Baja Designs Spark Arrestor and the Carb Mod Kit. I am going to try it this weekend and I'll let you the results. THANKS ALL.
  4. Thanks a lot Trailryder. I am going to read the article of Gordon Mods and do those modifications. Tanks a lot.
  5. Hi. I live in Mexico City and use tu run my 03 XR400 on the hills. That is 10,000 feet over the sea level. Every time I open full throtle the engine just die and it takes 20-30 kicks to start first time in the morning. ¿Any idea waht to do??????????? The bike is 100% stock THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR HINTS. Luis.
  6. LUIS

    Survey:10 Essentials of Off Roading.

    Well I ride in Mexico City near Toluca and once my brother and I got lost and had to spend the night in the woods raining. Thanks God we have a emergency blanket. They are very light and keeps you warm.
  7. LUIS

    New 2004 XR400R

    Great choice. I sold my 99 xr400, bought ktm 450exc, sold it and bought a 03 xr400
  8. LUIS

    What can cause erratic idle?

    I Am At 10,000 Feet In Mexico City. ¿any Ideas To Fix The Problem With My Xr400? Hasta La Vista