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  1. damn that looks awesome riding, i just wouldnt want any insane spiders or something crazy like that getting on me or something
  2. nice video, wasnt so bad like you said.. that part where your going through the big sandy walls was soo awesome, basically a berm around every corner, shoulda hauled more ass
  3. Osaka---damn, your throwin em downn, propssssssss
  4. that guy on the cr125 was haulin, same with the 450.. but the 1st one was impressive
  5. holy shit
  6. insane, good for you everything turned out ok, shoulda started it up and rode back up the hill
  7. lucky (in napolean dynamite voice)
  8. damn thats awesome
  9. i have a few of those same posters! i guess you forgot about the garage part? you got the walls
  10. sick video, i would love to ride a track like that, i could ride budds creek sometime, but it would seem like there are so many good riders there that i would suck.
  11. i sucked at jumping too on my ttr 125 then i noticed.. if you keep the throttle constant all the way up to the jump then it tends to launch you off the bike once you get in the air, go up to the jump at not such a high speed, then as your going up the jump give it throttle so as yo uget launched in the air, the bike is also launched so it stays right up underneath you.