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  1. largerthanmost

    2006 TE510 - in my garage

    Are the internal tranny ratios higher in 2006 te510 than 2005 model. Last years 6th gear was 8.9 and I think the 2006 is up to 7.9 for better on road speed, Will it tell you that in our owner,s manual.
  2. largerthanmost

    06 Te450 Is A Dual Sport

    Are the supermoto models going to be dualsports, Has anyone seen a 2006 sm450r or sm510r
  3. largerthanmost

    2006 TE-610 up close and personal

    I rode Frans Te610 last Friday and he's right on, the bike feels lighter than it is. The bike will run down the 4 lane 70 mph just like nothing, rip around town with the best of them. I didn't have much of a chance to take it of road but I ran down a railbed to a local 4 wheeler trail, Big Fun!