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  1. Embrace your magic button and don't sweat this one. Do the free power mod and maybe Eddie's battery upgrade kit if you feel it necessary.
  2. I put mine on the Tusk hand guards. Had to drill an extra hole to get them to line up correctly. Not a prob. They look and work fine. BTW- They do flash faster then stock but unles you are super anal it is fine.
  3. BFE is somewhere in Egypt. Where the retarded gorrillas roam.
  4. The bike looks much bettter with these, especially from the saddle.
  5. You asked a girl to steal from her employer so you could save a few bucks? Keeping it classy, Alberta!
  6. I think I would rather be less cool and have a carb that was easier to get and tune.
  7. IDK. Eddie says run Xw50 so I do. I figure he has reasons for everything he says and that's good enough for me. (He has stated the reasons before, BTW) He also tends to say things like, "This is what I do and why, but do what ever you want, it's your bike."
  8. Love the green. I almost bought I Kawi just so I could have it but they were just too hard to find. Blue is almost as fast anyway....
  9. Why do people ask this question? Are they expecting that the seller will get confused over this complicated trick question and suddenly blurt out, "I RAN THE THING OUT OF OIL AND NOW IT SOUNDS LIKE A CUP OF ROCKS GOT DUMPED IN THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL. Better questions are things like, "Are you the original owner? Did you do regular maintenance? How often did you change the oil? Can you show me the records and reciepts?"
  10. My last few oil changes I used good old Suzuki 10w-40 from the dealership. It ignorance was bliss and I never thought about it much. I just put in some Motul 5100 15w-50 and I like it better. The bike starts and runs fine when cold, shifts better, and smells ever so nice. Maybe I'll go full ester next time.
  11. Add a gear and shave some weight off the pig and I figure the DRZ is damn close. The motor is easy to live with and can put out what ever power your wallet can stand. Within reason. The suspension can certainly be dialed in to rider and conditions. Except early "S" models. But that 6th gear and the weight. Those are tough to get around.
  12. We have been meaning to get around to that civilized thing. Eventually. Love that upside down map though. Funny.
  13. What are these mm's and KMs you speak of? Regards, America
  14. Thanks for the replies but my stealership doesn't carry the weight I need and doesn't carry gallons. The question I had was regarding the P/N though. Can anyone verify these pn's?