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  1. Cedarwilly

    XR400 VS 400EX Altenator

    Have a 400ex stator for sale that I did not install. $25 plus $10 priority US mail shipping.
  2. Cedarwilly

    UPDATE! My XR650R got Plated TODAY!!!!

    Way to go! It's nice having a plate. and the state should be happy to recieve extra registation and annual tag fees for both registrations. could you share the license agency and the gal's name. No, I don't want a date, just a plate!
  3. Cedarwilly

    elevation and carb adjustment

    I noted on the Edelbrock sight that the carb is factory set for 1500 feet. So at sea level, one would richen the carb from the stock, as delivered setting. More air at lower elevations requires more fuel. Then, as you ride higher, or the tempature shoots up to 100's, there is less air, so one leans out the carb to keep the proper fuel air ratio. Temp and elevation are the two big variables. Barometric pressure also affects jectting, but it is a quite minor influence on jetting and usually is disregarded. So yes, you do make your E carb richer when at sea level.