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  1. wescoas1

    Huskys in stock

    I bought my SM450R Supermoto from those guys, they were great. Unfortunately I just had to put it up for sale in the classifieds here though to fund pro photography gear. Adam
  2. wescoas1

    Dead 2004 SM450R

    Well, the good news is that the dealer is fixing it for free and he said it's the first 450 they've had do this, and they have sold more than a few. He said typically the Husky 450 motors are the most reliable of the brands they carry. So, I am happy again. Wee!
  3. His name is Christian Pfeiffer I think. Perhaps this is a different guy but he is the best stunter I have ever seen.
  4. wescoas1

    Dead 2004 SM450R

    My 2004 SM450R with 500 miles on the clock just made the most God aweful noise I've ever heard from a bike on the way home. Shortly thereafter, it was dead as a doornail, coasting down the street in neutral. Stop to kickstart it, kickstarter frozen in place. Piston seized I'm thinking? ****. I push the thing 2 miles home in the midst of rush hour traffic. My Husky dealer? A 5 hour trek each way. ****. When it died I was just cruising down the street at about 35 MPH, not on or off the gas really. Now with some of the details. It's got just over 500 miles on the clock and I performed the first service at about 100 miles. I did find quite a few metal shavings in the metal filter at this time, but nothing too bad. Everthing has been running really well on the bike, no problems. I was just getting ready to do my next service next Monday night. What the **** is wrong with this thing? It definately sounded like metal on metal breakage and there were no leaks, etc. I am thinking seized piston but I don't know how or why. I am always meticulous with my bikes. My neighbors do hate the bike, so sugar in the tank could be possible, though I try to always keep it locked away or in sight. Anyone??? Regardless, I will be taking it to the dealership and I think our bikes have a one year warranty from the factory. Either way I find myself contemplating a DRZ400SM or XR650 (R or L, not sure). I could probably pretty much trade it straight up I imagine for the Honda. I'm a little pissed though that a BRAND NEW bike I paid cash for just friggin died.