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  1. wldndrtyandrew

    New Colors. Help me decide

    I like the first or the fourth choice. I've always been a fan of white plastic, and I think the pointy rear fender looks pretty good imo. I was trying to find one like that for my XR but I settled with a Maier MX style one.
  2. wldndrtyandrew

    New Headlight

    Haven't been on in a while, but I've been wanting to put a different looking headlight on my 93' XR250R and I saw the new one from Acerbis. What I was wondering is if anybody has had a headlight like this and has had any problem with the oil cooler not getting enough air?
  3. wldndrtyandrew

    Why do we have a fuel valve?

    I was going to say when we trailer our bikes, and if the fuel is on, then the carb will overflow and end up spilling out. We always turn ours off when we're done riding, it's become natural to turn it back on when we do go back out. I've forgotton a couple times but she empties the carb fairly quick, I don't get too far before she starts to spurt and stall and I notice that I didn't turn my gas back on. As others have said, it does come in handy when you're removing the tank or the carb.
  4. wldndrtyandrew

    XR200 Range

    From my experience when I had my 200 was that if you were nice on the throttle and kept the RPM's lower that I could go up around 100 miles, mine was geared for trails but even if I was really getting on it I could go around 80 miles. Of course there are tricks to save fuel if you want to squeeze more miles out of it, but that's from my experience.
  5. wldndrtyandrew

    My xr is depressed

    My poor XR is depressed as well. We're still sitting in a few feet of snow and I won't be able to take her out until late April or early May depending on when the snow stops falling and it starts to melt. As soon as it's riding season though, I'll be riding as much as I can to bring her out of her depression.
  6. wldndrtyandrew

    Aftermarket tank graffix?

    When I was restoring my 200, I got factory graphics for it and here's what I did. When I had the tank all cleaned off, I took a fine pin needle and poked tiny holes in the graphics, you couldn't notice them, and then applied them. After I did that I had gas in it right away. I kept keeping an eye on them and if I saw a bubble I took that fine pin needle and popped it. You can't even tell that I did that and they're smooth and look great.
  7. wldndrtyandrew

    Throwing away my Decompression Lever

    This seems to be a popular topic in this forum, it shows up frequently. Anyways, heres my two cents worth. You may not have a need for it right now, but what good does shaving off an ounce or two of weight going to do, and it is a very handy device to have for cold starts, flooded engines, or compression starting. The way I have mine mounted is having it as close to the clutch perch's right side and having the lever pointing down so it's not in my way for riding and it's there so I can use it and not have to go far. That little overlooked lever really does come in handy when your engine is flooded after a spill and need to get going quick without any hills for a bump start.
  8. wldndrtyandrew

    Trail Tech Vapor Question?

    Thanks guys, the thought of that working was bugging me and what a thing better to do than to bring it to my fellow TT-ers. I've always been interested in a computer like those and I was really interested in the Vapor just because of the features, but when I saw the years it fit I was upset but seeing as the earliest it says it would fit was a 95, but now I'm gonna get me one of em, hopefully soon!!!!
  9. wldndrtyandrew

    Trail Tech Vapor Question?

    All right, if that's all the difference then I'm gonna have to get one of those little guys, cuz that's the talk of bike computers is the vapor, so I believe I see one in my future.
  10. wldndrtyandrew

    Trail Tech Vapor Question?

    I've seen around that the Vapor is for the models '95 and on, does anybody know why that is, because I have a '93 and wanted to know if there was a way that I could get one on mine. I've heard they're badass and I'm interested in one.
  11. wldndrtyandrew

    Need Help On Choosing The Right Bars

    For me it's really hard to tell someone what kind of bars they should get, because it's a lot of your preference. On my bike, I have a set of Tag T2 CR High bends and those are the 1 1/8 bars so I had to get the adapters which made them even taller, for some this may have been too much. But for my kind of trail riding, I stand up a lot, and I want my bars right there so i'm not bending down to grab the bars so when I'm standing they're easy to get to and I have a more aggressive stance. If you're not worried about standing too much I would say the CR High's would be all you'd probably need.
  12. wldndrtyandrew

    Graphics Kit

    My question is, will a graphics kit for a 07' YZF250 fit on a 07' WR250F? I've been looking them up and down and the plastics look identical, I was just wondering, because theres a larger selection for the YZF and not so much for the WR.
  13. wldndrtyandrew

    xr200 mods??

    I recommend doing the suspension swap with a 250 or the older 200's, because the newer 200's their suspensions are pretty much gutless. You can't really adjust them like you can the 250's, so rebuilding them isn't worth it. I put a Supertrapp IDS2 pipe on mine too, I was happy with the way it acted on it. I have pictures of what mine looked like before I sold it.
  14. wldndrtyandrew

    If you carry a Toolkit, whats in it?

    In my rear fender pack I carry: Spark Plug Wrench Front and Rear Axle wrench 4 in 1 screwdriver T-Handle set with 10,12,14,and 16mm sockets 2 extra spark plugs allen wrench set small crescent zip ties electrical tape spare clutch and brake lever spare clutch perch tire pressure gauge and a heavy duty tow strap that I keep behind the headlight. Basically I take the tools so if it's repairable on the trail I can most likely do it. I should put together a first aid kit that I can put in the headlight bag, cuz it can be hard to get help in the trails.
  15. wldndrtyandrew

    Help ID this carb and exhaust.

    The carb does look like a L model, and that pipe is a factory Honda pipe.