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  1. gdog

    Pic's of your little one's!

    Good pics guys. My boy at aged about 4 1/2. Hope it works!! http://media.putfile.com/Lochie-bike-movie
  2. gdog

    Aussie bush tracks

    Dont forget: Funnel web and red back spiders,Crocodiles,Great white and tiger sharks,Sea snakes, Casowarys, dive boat operators that forget customers and Dingos that apparently eat babys. Good place to live though
  3. gdog

    Another Australian!

    Yeah it sucks a bit that DBW is down. Agree that it is great for meeting up for a ride if your usual rideing mates cant ride. I was looking for a ride at Labertouche this weekend but cant arrange for it to happen Hopefully it will be up soon.