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  1. Chet Cunninghem

    86 XL250R GEARING

    I'm thinking my 86 xl250r could use one tooth larger front sprocket on the front for road use. The stock is 13 tooth. I see the xl350 uses a stock 14 tooth. Will it fit one the 250? Has anyone changed their xl250r to a 14 front and did it pull it ok down the road? Is there room in the case for a 14? Chet
  2. Chet Cunninghem

    86 Xl250r

    Any body know if an 86 xl 250 r frame is the same as an 84 xr 250?
  3. I purchased a 1986 xl 250 r stripped down and spent 6-8 months rebuilding it frame up and registered and licensed it ok and got insurance ok, for a while. About 4 months into riding it to work I got a premium notice from my insurance company.(Progressive) After pulling hens teeth I found out that because the bike has an Oregon assigned VIN (the origional vin had been ground off) the insurance companies want to charge me over twice as much for insurance. Any body got a spare 250 frame around with a valid vin or another solution? Thanks, Chet:mad: