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  1. AdrenoJunky

    back road to Crown King: mileage?

    Dont know mileage exactly, but 20 to 30 seems about right to me. Also, they have a little gas station up there, so that helps... It tends to take awhile to get up there, gets really rocky/slow going for a good portion of the trail, so make sure you give yourself time to get up and back down. It is a great day in the dirt though - Crown King is a cool place to hang out! Have fun!
  2. AdrenoJunky

    Lazy guy needs "training" advice

    Well, your not gonna hit the gym, and you dont have time to ride too much, so here's the solution... After a race pound down a few weight-lifting supplement shakes (myoplex, nitrotech, etc...). These help tremendously with 'recovery' from hard workouts - aka, significantly reduces soreness (for muscle at-least). I used to do the same while in the Marine Corps after 60mi humps ('hikes' while carrying 70-100lb pack/weapon/ammo/etc). Same idea, and works great if this is all your concerned about... BTW - I found Nitrotech to work best...
  3. AdrenoJunky

    wanting to race what class would i be in?

    Prolly best to post this in an MX portion of the forum? Cuz for MX I have no idea... May as well start novice... Makes sense to me..??
  4. AdrenoJunky

    Arizona Trails

    Yeah, I guess it is... Wonder how maximoose stumbled onto this...? Oh well.
  5. AdrenoJunky

    Arizona Trails

    I guess I'll weigh in here... I ride a 2001 YZ250, prolly pretty close to yours. I think part of the problem is that the YZ's are pretty cramped for anyone taller than 5'. I'm 5'10" and my YZ has always felt really cramped, even after 1" bar risers, dropping the pegs and a taller seat - the bike just seems to like to be sat on... This said, I rarely stand all the way up on the bike. I am an expert off-road rider, and I stood 80% of the time on my CRF450R, but the YZ is very unstable while standing...So, anyhow, just try 'hovering' over the seat while tackling rocks and the like. The idea is to get the weight off the seat and put it all on the pegs (lowering CG). Also, if you are scared of the power, I suggest riding a gear high in all cases except when riding flat-out. The YZ bogs down well at low RPMs, and it keeps you 'off the pipe' so if you whiskey throttle it, it wont accelerate very fast. This is one of the best traits of a YZ250, and a big part of why they make such great off-road bikes, imho, so try to learn to use it... Also, may I suggest you ride more out at 4-peaks/rolls/sycamore for awhile to hone your basic skills. There are tons of easier quad/jeep-type trails out there with few rocks/ruts to trip you up and they are a blast to ride anyhow. The biggest thing is practice and no reason to ride nasty rocky trails if you dont yet like nasty rocky trails... You'll figure it out and when you do you'll not have a problem with rocks - I love nasty, rocky singletrack, keeps things interesting! Practice, practice, practice... What better thing to practice? Hope this helps....
  6. AdrenoJunky

    Which aftermarket tank?

    I second that - the Clarke is the way to go!
  7. AdrenoJunky

    looking for single track Phoenix-east valley

    There is good singletrack on the east side at: The superstitions, sycamore, 4-peaks and my favorite (but mostly expert level) north scottsdale (Wildcat & Granite Mountain).
  8. AdrenoJunky

    Sticky powervalve

    I know this is a really old post, but I had the exact same problem (saw your original post - searched stuck powervalve) out riding today... So, question is - was it a sticky powervalve that caused this?? It is what I figured it was since it came and went, and also experienced the strangely loud and raspy exhaust note - only down low. My YZ was running like a CR! Not cool, makes it tough to climb gnarly hills, having to do it on the pipe!
  9. AdrenoJunky

    Good riding near Wickenburg...?

    I've heard there's some pretty good riding near Wickenburg. I live in Buckeye currently, but still ride mainly on the east-side (Pima/Dynamite, Sycamore, etc...). Since moving to the west-side, I hav'nt found much riding as challenging and fun as the east-side. So, after driving from here to Wickenburg a couple times - going by the Vulture Mine area - it looks nice and rugged south of Wickenburg - sorta like N.Scottsdale. I'd love to hear where a good spot is south of Wickenburg. Any suggestions? BTW - Already did a search, but I'm not plated (YZ250 2-smoker) and generally not too interested in the easy stuff. Single-track is preferred, but I'd just like to find a starting point to explore (I'm not sure what the land is there - State Trust, BLM, NF, Private..?).
  10. AdrenoJunky

    Long lasting rear for hardpack

    I second the D952 or Maxxis IT. Either work pretty well for me out in the desert (both get great traction on hard-pack sections), and both last at least 3-5X longer than a D756. I do like the 756 better though, traction-wise.
  11. AdrenoJunky


    If your seriously new at all of this, I'd say go with the 300. It will be a bit 'tamer' than a 250. I am of the mind that everyone should start off on a 2-stroke, as it sorta forces you to learn how to really ride a bike. However, even though you are a big guy - believe me, a 250 smoker will not only get you up or over anything, most of them will prolly downright scare the hell out of you. I've been riding for many years, and had my YZ250 for most of those, and that bike still scares the hell out of me every now and then... So, since the 300 is 'smother' and more torquey (rather than violent and pipey like most MX 250's) I'd say go for one of those...
  12. AdrenoJunky

    CR500AF Questions / Advice Needed

    Never mind - I have decided to pass on this trade. Thanks for the info!
  13. AdrenoJunky

    CR500AF Questions / Advice Needed

    BritinCali - I see that you have a '97 CR500AF - how do you like the bike?? Thanks! I dont have a close enough pic to ID the motor...
  14. AdrenoJunky

    CR500AF Questions / Advice Needed

    OK, here's the deal - I was about to put my '05 CRF450R up for sale when I came across a guy trying to get a trade - his '97 CR500AF for a CRF450R. Being a predominantly desert rider, this naturally piqued my interest. I've always wanted a 500AF, and here is a chance. Besides being interested in such a bike, I also am fully aware of the fact thet there are about a million CRF450's for sale just about everywhere - therefore driving the resale price into the basement (~$3700 here in AZ for an '05). So, the way I see it, if the bike is in good shape, I can't really lose --> if I like the bike I keep it, if not I sell it for the same or prolly more than I can get for my CRF450. So, here's my questions: 1) For those in the know - does this sound about right? Do y'all think I can get ~$3700 for a nice '97 CR500AF? I know the new SH CR500AF's are quite pricey, and I have'nt any idea what a good price would be for a nice '97... 2) I know everyones' issues with the 1st gen CR frames - too stiff, etc... My roommate had a '98 CR250 - and I really liked the bike - everything except for the motor that is (no bottom - compared to my YZ250 at least). Is the '97 similar? Are there other issues I should be concerned with in the donor bike ('97 CR250)? BTW - This particular 500AF does have Showa forks - not sure what year, but they are Showas. The shock seems to be the stock KYB, as the guy who currently owns it is completely mechanically inept, thats all the info I have. 3) The current owner has no clue what year the motor is --> he's said '83 or '86. I dont know much about the CR500 motors' history, so is there some way to identify it? It is water cooled (I think this rules out '84 and earlier??) and it does have black cases and bare aluminum cylinder/head. And, if any of this sounds familiar - does anyone know if I need to run race gas in this thing? I'm pretty sure these 500's have relatively low CR so prolly not - but not sure... 4) The current owner says the bike was modded by on of the Service Honda 'Partners'. I'm not exactly sure what he means by that, but the bike does seem to have SH CR500AF graphics/decals on the shrouds and swingarm. So, is there some way to tell if SH did in fact do this bike? 5) With the Showa forks, bike runs strong, it seems to be real solid, all the welds for the mods look really good, brakes and all else seem to be good, also had a Magura hydraulic clutch and a Clarke desert tank. I think the bike is in real good shape all-around, do y'all think this'd be a good trade? I ride desert mainly, and will still keep my YZ250 for the nasty singletrack and woods. Basically my attraction to the CR500AF is that it'll haul a$$ like my CRF450, but I no longer have to worry about valves/rebuild costs as I ride hard and fast pretty much all the time. My YZ would suffice, but tops out at ~68mph, where my 450 tops out at ~90mph. I like that extra 12mph. Any comments, advice and/or comments are appreciated. Thanks! BTW - I have looked around CR500Riders.com, found little to help me, and before anyone says anything, their site rules state that you cannot post at all unless you are a current CR500 owner - which I am not. Hence, this post.
  15. AdrenoJunky

    Phoenix area Friday morning?

    I dont do mornings (I like sleep) , but I'll be at Sycamore this afternoon...