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  1. rogerklx

    KLX 300R weak plastic

    when i first bought my klx in 05 i also got i think were xgx graphics and that helped alot,,,, i race hare srambles in very tight stuff ,,,the last plastic i got i covered the back with duct tape and it does really work my mud guards on the bark busters i got green duct tape and did both sides my number plates i use white duct tape it gives the plastic alot of support and if u do a neat job looks good also
  2. rogerklx

    KTM 450 XC-W to Gas Gas EC200

    guys ur making me lean toward the gasgas 300,,,how many of u actually run them in hare scrambles and or enduros,,ive got a klx 300 ive been racing for 3 yrs now and have done alot to it but cant seem to make it any lighter or easier to start after a lay down,,,im kinda a rebel type person and got to be different from most,,,everyone has a ktm or one of the big 4,,,, ok u guys,,,,talk me into one:thumbsup:
  3. rogerklx

    Back Brake Downhill

    i use my front brake more then the back,,,,u can feel the brake more with ur hand then ur foot,,,,so more front and just tap ur back,,,ull know if ur using the front too hard,,,,
  4. rogerklx

    WNYOA Rule changes

    we will be there,,,cant wait,, just hope they got the drive smoothed out a little better:eek:
  5. rogerklx

    pine grove HS

    all i can say is get some nodoz cause this series is a bore:thumbsdn:
  6. rogerklx

    Racing KLX 250-300

    i run the wnyao series in new york bought my klx in 05 and have raced every yr with it,,,,if u have ur suspention worked u will run good,,the only mods ive done to make run better was a 33pumper carb and fmf header and can,,,everything has been suspention,,,92 kx 250 forks and clamps,wer stabilizer,raised bars,race tech rear shock,tall seat, with better suspention u can ride faster and with that u dont fall as much,,,yes they do get heavy and hard to start so best to keep ur feet on the pegs and go faster,,,now for the 13 tooth,,,,id throw it away and get a 15,,,,theres way enough power there but with a 13 u have no good top end,,,a 15 and u can keep those pesty 450 at bay,,,,tires i run michilin 601...im sure thats the series,,,run straight race fuel just for the valves,,,im rebuilding my kdx also im going to run this in the real muddy races,,,alot lighter and easier to start,,,,
  7. rogerklx

    need some help, Brewster, someone

    hhmmm,,,i got mine from white bros. and was for a 05 klx,,,the only thing i had to do was gring the motor mount,,,,sounds like u gotta modify urs,,where u get ur carb and what was it made for,,,
  8. rogerklx

    Emergency! NJ OHV ban in NJ Senate today.

    there we go,,,thanks mike for kinda explaining what is going on,,,i didnt know they were going as far as telling u what u can do on ur own property,,,i will send an email i hope everyone understands where im coming from,,,,just see too many people taking things for granted,,,,
  9. rogerklx

    Emergency! NJ OHV ban in NJ Senate today.

    see what i mean about jersey guys,,,,,,damn now im going to have and change my number:moon: well no one has answered my question only a poem and some other crap,,,,,,gotta know everything before i jump on some band wagon,,, and thanks joedint,,,,,,i rest my case about "most" jersey guys
  10. rogerklx

    Emergency! NJ OHV ban in NJ Senate today.

    what is the main reason here,,,,why r they trying to ban off road riding,,,,, if i can read between the lines is so there fed up with people buying a bike or atv and figuring they can ride anyware,,,,thats the way it goes,,,only takes a few to ruin things for everyone,,,,, maybe all the people in jersey ought to step back and look at urselves and u would see the problem,,,,,ive been to alot of races and im sure there are more to agree with me but u jersey guys r the worst arrogant selfish people around,,,,,have a little more respect for other people and u wouldnt have so many problems,,, buy ur own land and ride there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. rogerklx


    well i got a 15 and tried it and to me was awesome for hare scrambles but u have to loose the case saver,,,,,could be costly,,,,ive done the 13 tooth also and found it to have no top end so ive got 14/48 on right now,,,,in open full out running will run with the 450s,,,and i have no problem with the front end not coming up when i want it,,, makes for alot smoother in the tight stuff also u dont need to shift as often,,,,
  12. rogerklx

    Fork question

    the kx spline which is aluminum had alot of rust and crud between the stem and triple,,,,i didnt mean i ground anything off just cleaned crud out of the grove
  13. rogerklx

    Fork question

    the kdx is a 89 200,,,,the kx forks were a 92 250,,,,klx is a 05 300,,,,
  14. rogerklx

    Fork question

    brewster,,,i pressed both out with little problem,,,my klx triple i ran a dremel around the bottom of the stem and it pushed right out,,,,the kx i pushed from stem side,,,i noticed pushing from stem side it seemed like the ribs around the bottom of stem brought alot of filings out with it,,,, now i can truelly say that the kx fork conversion is the best thing to do,,,,,now i also put the klx forks on my kdx,,,,man what a diffence also:applause:
  15. rogerklx

    exhaust help

    take a deep breath and calm down,,,,,,i waitted 3 weeks for my fmf power bomb and it was well worth the wait,,,,