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  1. racerx936

    Magura hydraulic clutch.

    We have an 09 with a Magura on it ! Complete stock clutch assembly etc,,,,,,, There is 1 main ingredient. USE RED LINE LIGHT WEIGHT GEAR OIL. Change it every other oil change and you will be amazed. For us the stock clutch with the right stuff in it works awsome. Try this before doing any thing else ! Good luck
  2. racerx936

    Gold valve questions

    When you call Race Tech make sure you ask for ROB BROWN. Super cool guy, tons of knowledge and customer service that is second to none !!
  3. racerx936

    2009 crf 450 starts good cold ?

    Thanks a lot,,, I will start by replacing the ECT sensor 1st. Happy Holidays
  4. racerx936

    2009 crf 450 starts good cold ?

    Ok thanks ! How would I diagnose these ?
  5. OK Ok !!!! Don`t hammer me on this one,,,, I did search before asking ! Here`s my deal. 1. Bike starts with in 5 good kicks or so when it is below say 60 degrees out side. 2. Bike starts with in 10 to 15 good butt kickin, tirate rippin, swear fest kicks when above 60 degrees out. 3. I have boiled it down to temperature, cold out side starts great,,,, Hot out side starts like crap. 4. ANY IDEAS ?????? Thanks
  6. racerx936

    Yoshimura RS-4 slip on

    VETMX1 !!!!!!! Order the 94 db insert it`s like $26.99 or so ! I spoke with yosh about this and found that pulling the spark arrestor and just running it that way gives NO performance increase just LOUD ! The 99 db insert only gives you .11 hp increase and is noticeably louder than the 94 db insert. I bought the 94 db insert and the bike rips, it`s a 2009 with a remap from Eddie. It was remapped with the stock exhaust. My advice ,,,,, BUY THE 94DB INSERT, you will love it.
  7. racerx936

    air filter screen Removal ?

    I for got to mention ! this is on 2009 !!!!!! Thanks
  8. racerx936

    air filter screen Removal ?

    Does it make any difference in performance removing the screen ? Would it help to improve hard starting ? I use twin air filters, FFT filter oil and change filters alot. Thanks guy`s
  9. racerx936

    hard starting 2009... fixed!

    Ok !!!! I am on the fence on this one. My 09 started really hard from day 1 cold or hot, so what does a guy do ? cam or fuel pump ? I filter my gas and have changed the fuel filter. My other question is . What is the secret to starting this thing after a crash, it`s hot by then and will take at least 10 kicks to start ? Thanks
  10. racerx936

    How powerful?

    No question !!!! No 450 for you ! You come back , 1 year. You buy 250f.
  11. racerx936

    MX Jumps bouncy

    Slow down the rebound by turning it IN, that should help some ! But the correct springs front and rear is what you really need. Also do not forget about the fork rebound ! You need to change that so it works properly with the rear, I would go In on that also. Start at 2 clicks In at a time until it gets TOO SLOW ! . Then back them both out 1 and you should have it. Good luck
  12. Awesome post ! Thank you !!
  13. racerx936

    Keeping the works Honda clean...

    Notice ! They still use SHOWA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PUT SHOWA BACK ON OUR HONDA`S.
  14. racerx936

    2009 CRF450 Bog at Open Throttle

    Thanks ,,,, I will check it out and possibly replace ! Take care.
  15. This question is for all of you who have a 2009 Honda crf 450 and are using FACTORY CONNECTION SUSPENSION ! 1. How plush is the overall feel ? 2.Do the forks spike your arms on landings ? 3.Does it have mid stroke harshness ? 4.Do you you feel it was a vast improvement over stock ? 5.How was the customer service ? 6.How was the price= just valving ! I have the correct springs and the shock shaft shorten`d. 7.How was the time frame ? 8. This is a Big one ! Would you use them again ? 9.Any names or numbers at Factory connection would be awsome. 10. I really need some one who knows the quirks of the 09 crf 450. Thank you guys very much !!!!!!