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  1. I believe the MSRP is ~8,800. has a bunch of info on it. Looks like the production version will be more "DS" like than the "hard enduro" it claims to be (i.e. "baja" setup). Not a bad bike, but different target audience... Personally I was hoping for something more harcore, like a modernized SXC. Maintenance should be similar to an LC4 (~2-3k mile oil changes), so yes, engine maintenance should be much reduced from the smaller enduro bikes.
  2. All good bikes... Something to consider if you're going to dual sport it is a Husky. They're coming all tricked out as an ass-kick'n "dual" enduro bike out of the box this year (all 4s enduro models). Having said that, I was on the fence as well & picked the 450exc & dual sported it (Enduro Engineering has some simple & cheap solutions to do this). No regrets...