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  1. barnie b

    Which Sparky for 2000 YZ 426

    Thanks everyone!!!
  2. What's Up??? Some of us are going riding the weekend of Oct. 8th We're staying just off I-75 up M-33 2 miles at Skidway Lake. So far a few quads and my new 2000 YZ 426. Would be nice to have some more 2 wheelers with me so I would have someone to talk to while we're waiting for the quads Just guys so far but the wife and her 250 Trailblazer might be joining us also. May ride St. Helen's (Snake Trail) or Bull Gap or The Meadows or ???? Usually a 50 or 60 mile ride gets us ready for massive beer consumption around a campfire. Riders are at different riding levels, I'm a 7 to 8 level. We ride at our own pace. Anyone want to hook up Email me at bnd43@netscape.com
  3. barnie b

    Pro Moto Spark Arrestor? Any Good?

    Thanks for the replys. Going shopping this weekend and riding next weekend
  4. What's up?? Any buddy use the Pro Moto Spark Arrestor on their stock system? And what about the noise insert from pro moto? I looked in the forums with no luck. I ride trails and need these for my 2000 yx426. Any mods needed after putting these on the bike ie:jets.
  5. barnie b

    Which Sparky for 2000 YZ 426

    Thanks for the responses!! To make my question clearer,,,,, I was referring to a Spark Arrestor (thanks for the plug info thou) Should I just get a Spark Arrestor for the stock pipe or is a whole exhaust system recommened? And which one?
  6. What's up guys & Gals?? New to the forum because I retired my 2 smoker for a 2000 yz 426. Think I got a good deal, bike looks brand new with very few hours for $1900. Anyways the bike is all stock and I need to know which sparky works best with this bike. I ride trails only in Michigan for the past 25 years and just starting to learn about this "Thumper" stuff. Any help? Thanks.