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  1. DirtBikeManiac24

    DRZ400 clutch

    I just burnt out the clutch plates on a 03 drz400s and wondered which plates should I get for a replacement?
  2. DirtBikeManiac24

    DRZ400 rear sprocket

    Im going to the dunes on a 03 drz400, whats the stock gearing on it and what should I change the gearing and the chain too?
  3. DirtBikeManiac24

    Oil for drz400

    Just was wondering if 10W-50 yamalube will work in a drz400...I'm going to the dunes and I have a lot left over from my yz250f
  4. DirtBikeManiac24

    Setting up DRZ for dunes...need some tips

    Was just talking to my uncle, he said he was using a 49 tooth in the rear but wasn't sure what front he was using...he believes it was a 14..anybody think that would be a good combination? how many links does the stock chain have and how many links will I need if I do use a 14/49 with a paddle tire? Also need to know what kind of oil I should use.
  5. DirtBikeManiac24

    Setting up DRZ for dunes...need some tips

    what would be the top speed using the 12/48 gearing?
  6. DirtBikeManiac24

    Setting up DRZ for dunes...need some tips

    Sweet, thanks for the tips. I did have a 05 yz250f but sold that..thank god cuz I don't think that would have been much fun in the dunes. So I'm borrowing my uncles drz400..what also sucks is that he didn't let me bring his cr500af there because thats his pride and joy. But oh well even though I couldn't bring the 500 he said the drz was actually a good bike in the dunes suprisingly because its only a 400. He also said jetting was not a problem because there is a wire that he justs un plugs but I don't remember if he said it made it run richer or leaner. But anyways, has anybody heard of that? Also what are some cheap performance tips I can do too it too make it better? and last, how should I set up the suspension there. I'm 5' 7'' at 140 pounds and there is a lowering linkage on it already other than that, its stock suspension.
  7. DirtBikeManiac24

    Setting up DRZ for dunes...need some tips

    Going to a couple dunes site such as glamis and places around there during christmas. Taking a drz400 and need to know what kind of gearing would best be sooted for there and if any jetting is necessary. Any other tips for going out there would best be appreciated because I never been out there before....
  8. DirtBikeManiac24

    Check this out Synergy Q450

    $18,000!!!!! I actually it would be more then that, just considering that it had a carbon fiber frame and swingarm. I want one sooo bad. Wonder how they compare power wise to a 525, or the new 450's
  9. Just found out that steve lamson will be racing a CR125 this year in Hangtown. I'm wondering how well he will do. What do you think? He is a good rider after all and a past champion.
  10. DirtBikeManiac24

    Yamaha 06 Raptor 700 Vs. 05 Predator

    Who would win in a drag race, a 06 raptor 700 or a 05 predator?
  11. DirtBikeManiac24

    Putting RMZ-450 motor in DRZ400

    My uncle has a 01 drz400 and the engine blew because someone stole it, and got it back, but the motor was blown when he got it back. So he can get a rmz450 engine really cheap, does anybody know if you can fit one in the frame, and how you can do it?
  12. DirtBikeManiac24

    CR500 spark arrestor

    Well, I was looking at the cobra "sparky" arrestors and I might just get one of them considering I don't feel like buying another pro circuit spark arrestor, and the adapter for the pro circuit 304 factory sound is only $60.00 but I was also wondering wether I could put in a couple layers of metal mosquito netting in the pipe instead. Its much cheaper but I'm not sure if it will pass as a spark arrestor.
  13. DirtBikeManiac24

    Any way of making a spark arrestor for cr500af pro circuit silence

    Hey Chickenhauler, can you get some pictures of what you did to your pipe?
  14. DirtBikeManiac24

    Building a hillclimbing CR500AF

    i plan on doing that and buying a new tire and a bunch of other stuff, but im concentrating on doing the engine up
  15. DirtBikeManiac24

    Any way of making a spark arrestor for cr500af pro circuit silence

    I looked at the site and they don't have the sparky for the 2001 500 engine, thats what i need. Anybody know which universal one would fit?