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  1. My wife rode a DRZ similar to yours on these types of trails. It can be done and you will have a good time doing it The good thing about this race is it's on private land in a confided area so you are never far from a logging road should you need to bow out. Many of the members of CFMC are enduro riders, since you are interested in the sport would be a good place to come get educated.
  2. Just wanted to say Ben, you d man. To go like you did for 10 laps in those conditions and still be smiling at awards is awesome. I'm so stoked for you, I know how much you wanted it. Every time I have seen you over the last 6 months you have asked me questions related to the 24 hour. The goal has been met and it's reality man, congratulations Ironman champ! You deserve it, you worked your butt off for it. You know with these kind of results you are becoming pretty famous. I open up this months issue of Trailrider magazine and there you are battling with John Beal at the endurocross, bigger than life. You have come leaps and bounds from the time I first met you and started riding with you just over a season ago. Way to go! I look forward to riding many rainy puddle jumping days in the Tahuya this winter with you and the boys. Also a huge congratulations to the Stumpjumpers club team for kicking our butts out there. They get the club team bragging rights now for a year and I hope they will defend their title in 2011. CFMC and Pantra made the podium with a good showing, or you could just call us the 1st and 2nd place losers. Good times! Roscoe

    24hr results and random thoughts

    Its taken me a while to come out of the shock from this unbelievable event. I mean just when you thought you experienced every variable that the ridge has to throw at ya, reality strikes. WOW that was fun! This is one of those that will come up in bench racing stories for many years to come. The course layout, epic start, and team camaraderie as others mentioned was superb. Thanks Scott and Debbie, all the OTBG crew, and the volunteers that make this special event happen. We'll see ya next year! Roscoe

    DNR plans for Tahuya

    I was thinking the same thing as I read your post. Roscoe

    24hr shake down ride

    Well hell Thomas, you just needed a few more hours and you guys would have went for 24 hours. Now that would have been good practice. Sounds like your on the right team, you and Brent are definitely Nutz. Roscoe

    24 Hour 2010

    Thats even better!

    24 Hour 2010

    I like the Le Mans style start up pit row idea as long as the young gun on our team offers to do it. I wont be able to make a fast lap after that run in MX boots. But knowing Scott he is probably asking the start question to find out what start we all really don't want. I've seen this sinister side of him over the years at this race. After all it is Halloween weekend. Roscoe

    24 Hour 2010

    If you feel I was making something out of this Dan, I really wasn't. CFMC is gonna do their best regardless of who were up against and have fun doing it. I thought perhaps Carol and Matt were a part of Calamari team, as I new they had been in the past. Goes my statement about multiple clubs and good people. I called them up and found out differently.Then when I went out to the Hareport I chatted with Ron and got a little more info about the team. See ya there. Roscoe

    24 Hour 2010

    Nice! You guys got 2 real solid teams. This is gonna be fun!

    24 Hour 2010

    Your not on a team Dave? Or all this race talk getting you all amped up.

    24 Hour 2010

    Ya we got the overall in 2009, but from that team (The Fuzzy Bunnies ) only Chuck Husum and I will be on CFMC Enduro Nutz. We also have Thomas who was on the 2nd overall Buttstomper team in 2009. Lets face it though, we are woods riders, so the Buttstomper is more what were out riding on a regular basis. Tony Ihlen was on CFMC Enduro Nutz quite a few years back when we won the 30 amateur class at Starvation. He is on the team this year again. All racers on our team have raced this event at least once prior except for Brent who is even green to night riding. We went down to Eddieville recently and worked on his turn to turn speed in a open style GP environment. He showed great progress in just a couple hours. Next is some night practice. he will be running a 8" HID so it'll be almost like riding in daylight anyways. Who do you guys have on your team?

    3rd Annual Hareport Scramble October 17th

    Will there be far less pavment than last year? Trying to deciede if I want to live with the front tire thats on my scoot now, I'd hate to shred a new one. Thanks, Roscoe

    24 Hour 2010

    Man You SJMC guys are competitive aren't ya. No really I'm with ya and want the class to be fair and be fielded by members of legit clubs. Yes it is very hard to Field a club class team for us smaller clubs. I tried to last year but could come up with only 4 riders, so we went to a different class. What gets real hard is finding night riders. It is a race so that means racers that also night ride. Add in the club class equation, now the pool to pull from is even less. This year I was fortunate to find five including myself, A and B riders. The 3 members of the Quazi Calamari that I believe are a part of this team have been in multiple MC clubs. Most people around Washington's MC race circuits, enduro or Hare scramble, know them. There good people, and surly aren't creating a ringer team of AA racers. Maybe a rule needs to be implemented where all club teams need to list the initials of there club or clubs in there teams name. That way everyone feels better about the members being members of said clubs. CFMC Enduro Nutz looks forward to racing with all the club teams and I know I can speak for the other 4 Cascade guys on our team, were gonna give er hell and have fun doing so! Can't wait! BRAAAAAAP!!! Roscoe

    Eddieville playday oct 9-10th, anyone going?

    The conditions were near perfect all day. A little light drizzle off and on. Then promptly at 3:30PM the faucet turned on. Up until that point no dust, just dark rich traction. Fun time for sure. Roscoe

    24 Hour 2010

    Pretty sure I know who 3 of the team members are, and they will be a great addition to the club class. They are not new to this race and have been under the squid name in the past. But they aren't squids by any means.