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  1. sr500ray

    Yamaha SR 500 track bike

    i understand the power loss at altitude. i have this sr500 that was a good friends bike who died and i am sure he would approve of this use as he was a racer himself. i was just curious if anybody here had experience making the sr500 run. it doesn't matter how fast it goes, i just want to tune it to run its best. i will get there with a handfull of sprockets and carb parts and my c/o meter and see how it goes.
  2. sr500ray

    Yamaha SR 500 track bike

    the tricky part is what is production. i am waiting for the rule book so i can sort it out. even if i just go as fast as i can it is a lot of fun and not to expensive.
  3. sr500ray

    Yamaha SR 500 track bike

    don't want to hijack the thread but i am thinking my sr500 to bonneville next year for the bub speed trials. the 500 production record is 114 mph. can the sr500 get anywhere near that?