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    ridin,fishin,in Davie,Ft.lauderdale area

    wooded trails in Dade County

    Pm me the pledge also please

    wooded trails in Dade County

    Yes !!

    supermoto saturday night in Miami

    more optimism Dude Dude's this track is fully like totally bitchin !!!!!! with 13ish turns that are too much fun !!!! with nice and tight twisties if you wanna practice draggin knee's to the max!!!! and 2 nice straight aways to see who's front wheel touches first !!!! they have some totally pimpin rides that rip it up!!! they have stadium seating that you can sit and watch the people ride!!!!!!! I have seen racing between a wr 400's and honda 150's that I enjoyed!!!!! I like fully !!! enjoy sitting there watchin those wicked dudes shred some tires I have even seen a zx 6 runnin the track with pw 50's !!!! I have seen 20ish wipe outs and only 1 that didnt jump back on and wheely away due to bike problems!!!!!!! It's a fully totally gnarly thing to do for a couple hours on Saturday night!!!!!!

    supermoto saturday night in Miami

    why are you mentally picturiing me naked in the bathroom? I didnt say anything bad about it! never said (little twisty windy crap) I called it lil twisties is there something wrong with that? He wanted to know what it was like and I gave him a rough guestamate Sorry you dont agree:moon: Maybe I'll see ya there and you can git a full mental picture of my peter if thats your thing:banana: you can look but you can't touch

    supermoto saturday night in Miami

    its about an 1/2acre of lil twisties I've seen 6-8 yr old kids to 60 yr young men all riding at there own pace if it gets slow they get spunky and race a little but other than that I think its all practice it good quality humor watchin wr 400 running against honda 150s neck and neck

    supermoto saturday night in Miami

    I am told they are not running them tonight due to Valentines day Its gonna be tomorrow morning at 10

    Left Key at Home!!! Help!

    I had a key that twisted and yanked out of the ignition with a pull start gone wrong(the rope grabbed it on release) after straightening it out it no longer worked but my buddy had a key for an old 79ish yamaha that slipped in and started the old DRZ right up and took me out of the woods
  8. Probly where it stops huh? Not really all that serious huh? Where to next?


    The passenger pegs are good for 4th gear wheelies stand and bounce it up at 55 mph no clutch
  10. FLDRZS

    MX-shop in Fort Lauderdale?

    Competition cycle centers http://www.compcyclecenter.com/
  11. FLDRZS

    150/90-18 TERAFLEX came in saturday

    I found it on MandHtires.com
  12. FLDRZS

    Memorable close calls.

    I was in the right lane amongst a group of 10 or so riders cruising just above the speed limit (ok double)with my wife it tow when the mini van ahead of us Had a couple suit cases on top of it release As we came up on these bags that were sliding 80ish mph I was attempting to pass the BIG one and of course 20 feet before I go by it the reflector in the road causes the said bag to violently change position and become airborne so I goose the throttle thinkin I am gonna clear it and this said bag catches the road, shifts lanes and slams into the side of me and crushes the wifes leg alil bit before being ripped open by the peg and slingin someones stuff all over the highway the guy next to me freaked and grabbed enough break to smoke the front and rear tire for just a second and not go down
  13. FLDRZS

    My Transamerica Trail Adventure

    Great story with a twisted ending:applause: But couldn't you have ridden home in 5 days? Plane ticket+cab fares+hotels= gas money for the ride home:prof: Whats another 5 days on the highway?
  14. FLDRZS

    Everglades ride tomorrow/late notice

    What time? and where are you meeting?