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  1. hondaracer36

    Race Head make a huge Difference?

    my local 50/goped shop said the head wouldnt do much at all. i own one myself and i can feel the diffrence but dont set your hopes to high.dont think it'll do 40 though. i have 88 kit, carb, bbr pipe,rev box, and i run 30 15 gearing! thats the fastst you can gear a 50 offering the most top speed. i did 35mph but thats probly right because i was racing next 2 a car
  2. hondaracer36

    werid thing fow pc-racing to do.

    it looks neat, but five0addict got it ,how much do you think thoes duel exhausts really do? Duel hedders=duel exhaust (1to1) understandable, single hedder duel exhaust (1to2) what the is that? and on a mini?...........then again maby im just jealous.
  3. hondaracer36

    CRF 50 won't run.

    if its been sitting awile the carb seems to get clogged up very easy if you havnt fixed the problem by now either try to mess with the screw a bit more and if that dosnt work you may have some cloged jets. Take off the bowl and clean out the 2 jets
  4. ya i had the same problem.if your idle isn't to high try loosining the nut and turning the flat head screw located in the middle of the right side transmission cover until the problem stops
  5. hay i was wondering if any of you guys new if the crf/xr 50 and 70 utilized the same transmission and internel gearing, does anyone know??
  6. hondaracer36

    New sprocket=new chain?

    ya you should be fine the stock chains tough, but tell me why a 13t?? if you have questions on gearing just give me the stock number of teeth on each sprocket i should be able to help u out on your decision
  7. hondaracer36

    My " To Do List ''

    and I'm sorry to say but it'll probably only go a few miles an hour faster than stock i was very disappointed with the top speed of mine i think it hit 35. BUT how about a new frame. the extended swing arm and forks put a huge load on the frame backbone especially when racing
  8. hondaracer36

    My " To Do List ''

    ive done alot of mods 2 my 50 including the tb 88 super head, bbr pipe, and sikk 50 swing arm ,back shock ,and forks but do you really think its worth it to do all the mods you listed? thats of money your talking about but im not saying it wont look tight
  9. hondaracer36

    Race Tech upgrade

    what he said.. the kit would make a big difference it would give the suspension a more tuned feel rather than just a stiff one. but it all really depends on the price, there are other mods to spend money on
  10. hondaracer36

    Won't run w/o choke

    ya every thing dirtbkr said. if it dosnt work just take off the bowl and clean out the 2 jets you'll see um
  11. hondaracer36

    Differences between xr and crf

    ya the xr has a one piece rear and side fender, different plastics,graphics, tank, and seat.also the paint on the left and right engine engine side covers seems to ware less than the new models. other than that there the same
  12. hondaracer36

    CRF250R rear fender

    ya thats wierd man take the thing apart
  13. hondaracer36

    Cracked left engine case CRF250X FACTORY DEFECT

    wow that sucks no problems with mine yet talk to the dealer
  14. hondaracer36

    How about a skid plate?

    go with your original choice but it doesn't matter too much they all do the same thing
  15. hondaracer36

    FMF factroy 4.1 exhaust system

    ive herd alot about the dr.d but never tried it on a 250 ive got one on my 110 and its kinda quiet compared to other exhausts but makes ok power.