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  1. joe_hru5656

    Rm 250, Rmx 250....

    HI, i have a 1995 rmx 250, what year of rm bikes can i interchange parts with.
  2. HI, how much would It cost to get a new top end on a 1995 RMX 250. And what would it cost to get a new bottom end.
  3. joe_hru5656

    Rmx 250

    Hi, does anyone know where i can get a Graphics kit, and new plastics. And what upgrades can i get to make it faster.
  4. joe_hru5656

    help anyone

    I did put the fouled plug back in. I cleaned it up. When u take out a plug should it have any liquids on it, Gas or oil or should it be dry.
  5. joe_hru5656

    help anyone

    Hi, guys, i have not checked the floats yet, but me and my dad worked on it 2 nites ago and we got it running. We cleaned the Air filter and Airbox, and tuned the carbuerator. It was running good in my garage, but i never took it for a test ride. The next day i went out for a ride and about 10 mins in, the rpms just dropped, I was giving it full gas and it just putted, and putted. Then the engine just died. I then could not get it started and I had to walk my bike home, a 30 min walk. Could there be anything else wrong with it, or should I check the floats first. Any help is good. Thank u guys.
  6. joe_hru5656

    1995 Rmx Rm 250

    Does anyone know how to do the Airbox Mod for a 1995 RMX 250
  7. joe_hru5656

    1995 Rmx Rm 250

    well that is what i plan to do, I am drag racing my friend, his bike has a top speed of 160 km/h. I want 2 know if this bike can beat his. The exceleration of my bike is way better than his but i want 2 know top speed.
  8. joe_hru5656

    1995 Rmx Rm 250

    Hi, i have a 1995 RMX 250, just bought it a week ago. What Year of RM part are compaitable with the 1995 RMX, and would the aftermarket parts also fit the 1995 RMX if it says it is made for RM. And this is a stupid question, but i just want 2 know because i wann race my friends Motorcycle, WHAT IS THE TOP SPEED, and if possible what is the 0-60.
  9. joe_hru5656

    help anyone

    I checked, it, and it is a fouled plug but now, when i start it, it will run good as long as i give it gas, and if i don't it will just shut off, and then it is flooded. i am guess to much gas is going into the engine, what do u guys think
  10. joe_hru5656

    help anyone

    I am 16 and I just bouhgt my first bike a 1995 Suzuki RMX 250, I had riden it 2 days ago and everything was going good. today i went out and about an hour and a half into the ride, it started to boog down. When i went to start it, the bike would run good for about 3 seconds, then it would start to boog down and shut off. Does anyone know what the problem could be.
  11. joe_hru5656

    Which Model is street Legal

    Hi, which Model of the Drz 400 is street legal. And what is the first year for the street legal model.
  12. joe_hru5656

    How do I dual Sport a Bike

    Hi, I live in Ontario, Canada. I have a 2000 wr 400. I put all the required accesseries(brake lights, hi/lo beam, etc). But now how do i get plates for it. And does it need to be certified or something. Please reply only if you know what is needed in Canada.
  13. joe_hru5656

    1993-1997 CR 125 and 250

    HI, i have been riding dirtbikes for about 2 years, they have only been yz 80's and ttr 125, I have decided to buy my own bike and i was looking at 1993-1997 CR 125 and 250, Are these good bikes. Also I do mostly trail riding so which would be better. If i got the 125, would i make a big difference compared to a 80. and when buying a new bike, what should i look for( like rust and etc)
  14. joe_hru5656

    Honda CR 80

    I was thinking of buying a honda cr 80, I am about 140 pounds and 5'9. Will this bike be too small for me, and is the suspension good for trail riding. Also does anyone know the 0-60mph for this bike.
  15. joe_hru5656

    Help sizing a bike

    HI i am 5,8" or 5,9", would a yz 85 be an okay bike for me. or am i too big for it.