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  1. Skyrat

    In search of maximum power!!

    Airbox done....Jetted...fuel screw....done....can anyone tell me about the high compression piston kit from kientech? Is there a hot cam upgrade? I am looking for maximum torque and power. My bike stays on the road and I am not to concerned about gas mileage. The plan is to go totally hooligan with the machine! Seen some of the eurobike pics? Awesome! 2005 DR650!
  2. Skyrat

    High Compression Piston Kit...

    Just wondering if anyone has installed the Keintech high compression piston kit or an equivalent in a DR650? I have been wondering if installing it would seriously hamper the reliability of the engine? Does it do much to improve the output of the motor? Does premium gas have to be used? Any and all feedback would be appreciated.
  3. Just had my 600 mile service done. I put the K&N filter and pre-filter in but was to much of a chicken sh@@ to drill on the carb and do the jet myself. Not mechanically inclined, and no tools!! The dealer refused to drill the slide for me though. I was kind of bummed about that. They didn't want to jet the bike unless I bought a pipe too. Said it would be to rich and cause damage.Then they wanted to argue with me about the oil I bought and wanted to put in. Shell Rotella T from wally world for 13.99 a gallon vs any of the synthetics that they wanted to sell me (spectro, yamalube? and honda cr4 or something like that) for 11.95 a QUART! I do believe that this is the last time that they get to do anything for my bike unless it is warranty work!! They weren't going to put the oil in because it says that it was designed for diesel engines. I had to print all of the threads from thumper talk that talked about Rotella and an e-mail from Jesse before they would do it. Then they told me my warranty was void. I said give me the number for suzuki customer service. I called on their phone and talked to a rep. Needless to say, my warranty is fine and they looked like an a@@! Anyway, the bike runs noticeably stronger with only a faint hesitation when I first get on the gas (idea's anyone) and the front wheel shoots up first when I get on it hard...comes up in second if I short shift and pop it too....nothing good can come from this!!! I got the extended fuel screw too. Now All I have to do is work a little OT to pay for a pipe! Fmf and staintune still the only street legal ones available?? Love the bike...dealer is a wanker.
  4. Skyrat

    Larger Jet Size for a stock 650

    he said don't lose your nuts!! ha!
  5. I think the real issue is the fact that you were on the road without insurance. I had a Z1000 with only 200 miles on the clock that got smashed pretty good by an uninsured driver. It was parked in the lot of my local grocer when some fool in a pick up whipped in to the spot I was parked in. Uninsured motorist. My insurance pays for it, my deductible goes up, my premiums go up, bike is out of commission for three weeks.
  6. I just ticked over 500 miles on my new '05 650SE. I changed the oil at 100 miles and it is scheduled for the first service on the 11th. Bike has been a blast to ride, but I have a few concerns. First, I noticed that the header pipe glows a bright red at night. Is this a cause for concern? I never had this happen on any of my previous bikes. Second, there seems to be a little carburation stumble when first applying throttle. It picks up OK, but it is annoying. Hand guard on the left side will not stay clamped down!!! It slides back and interferes with the clutch lever. Grrr! Finally, it feels like there is more power being made in the motor than what is actually hitting the road. Like it is choked up or something. I know that it is probably jetted lean, but other then shelling out for a new pipe and jet kit, are there any easy (read cheap) mods for quick HP gains? Is there an advantage to taping up the header pipe? Should I just replace it with an aftermarket header/exhaust? Besides FMF and Staintune are there any other choices? Keeping street legal is a must. Is it just me or is fifth gear useless unless I plan on cruising down the highway at 70-75 mph? Would a sprocket change up front still allow me to street the bike without losing ridability? Meaning a useless 1st gear. I want to use a synthetic oil. What is everyone using?? I used Mobil one in my Z1000 and was fine. Different needs for a Thumper that will see occasional off road use?? Finally, I ride up until the snow flies, but I sold all of my old gear. Been several years since I have had to buy new. Anyone got recommendations for a good Dual Sport cold weather jacket? Gloves? The Arai DS helmet looks awesome....anyone have one?? Didn't mean to take up so much space, but I have A LOT of questions and I am pretty sure I don't want to read tens of thousands of posts!
  7. Skyrat

    Late Model DR650SE Owners?

    I have it and it doesn't bother my passengers at all....mainly my kids though....not sure about any larger backsides...looks like plenty of room though...
  8. I just bought a DR650SE first dual sport after owning several rice rockets. How can I open it up??? Feels like a moped after my Z1000. Hard to get used to! I'll be riding mainly on road with a few trail excursions so I'll need to keep it legal!! What is the best pipe/header combo for low to mid rage boost? would dropping a tooth in front help much? I don't want to sacrifice to much gas milage! I have seen a lot of posts about the FMF Q bomb...but it doesn't say anything about improving power and I haven't been able to find numbers to back it up. Sport bikes always give the numbers! Ponies sell! Any and all info would help! Total make over on this bike could be done all by majority choice by fellow forum members. Brakes, pipes, suspension....the whole nine yards. I am also looking for cold weather riding gear ideas. Is there anything I need to do to keep the bike in a state where it will start when the temp gets into the teens?? I really need a good pair of waterproof boots!....Idea's people!!...Lets have 'em! Thanks for your help!