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  1. 2000 TE 610 left kicker top end torq specs much appreciate ie barrel , head, anyone know if valves are available or on back order forever for this motor .
  2. I have the one you are looking for , It is used ! I purchased A new one and it was not the problem. Let me know if you still need one.
  3. Happy Holidays to all, My 2000 TE 610 Kicker model has no spark @ plug . After A good ride in socal DESERT came home washed it and after short dry off started bike ran for one minute then quit. Three kick sessions over A couple of days I check spark at plug no spark. Took off dust cover and thier is dry gritty dirt in housing . Dissconnect wires connections for moisture no apparent , I did just recut spark plug connection cable sure not that . Have not yet pulled flywheel yet no puller . Some advise please ! Please respond for I do know that this where the answeres are.
  4. I just picked up A 2000 TE 610 enduro Ca. Plated from A friend for $ 2850.00 ? Repacked up-tite pipe and valve adj. New air cleaner runs great. Gears alot taller than my old 06 TE 450 . It has A 48 tooth on back I have not looked at the front. What are good all around gears for Ca. fire roads desert and occasional single track. And how about the price I paid for the bike, has 5.28 gallon tank I have stock tank and plastic also , Front cyclopse head light with accerbis hand guards with built in signals, ufo tail lite with signals. Any feed back would appreciate.
  5. I am A new 2000 TE 610 Dual sported owner coming off A 06 TE 450 , I am interested in the ride . I am 46 do I qualify ? send me datails Mark
  6. I have an uptite cannon on my 2000 te 610 very loud runs great, Packing was 99% gone I'm in the process of repacking it . I will let you know if their is a diff. Allen head screws were tight use solvent , and heat ! I had to dremmal one head off the tip no problem and used channel locks to get the rest out.
  7. Correction the 06 TE 450 has 6 speed trans.
  8. I'm 45 ! I traded my drz 400s for A 06 TE 450 re-jetted , 07 plastics what A deal i'll never go back the bike is awsome I have 1150 miles on her and no problems.
  9. I ordered some disk protection etc. from rooster I payed through paypall Its been two weeks no shipping date or nothing. Not happy
  10. 2 to one 1. 91x114 sonoco supreme is the shis ! burns nice !. The 06 450 motor loves it. Thanks George for your time.
  11. I also went to uptite and talked with George, Your right he is really helpfull. I bought two oil changes and the cool skid plate. That so called plastic screw was really tight. He's said he is going to make A slip on for the 450 and eventually full sys. I cant wait to get this beauty broke in.
  12. Guss what I traded my 06 DRZs totally modded !for an 06 brand new TE 450 , From A friend who is to short . Hello I'm introducing myself for the time on this forum ! I've done the first oil change the bike is lite I put A really cool skid plate on. I purchased from local shop in Santanna (up-tite). George made it him self. I hate breaking in motors, I cant wait to get dirty. Pics later once I re-due my garage.
  13. Yes with all my gear on, I ride the bike pretty hard . I havent riddin the bike since I set the sag but feels good sitting. The front always felt musshy. My understanding the rear shock should be ok. I ride mountain trails alittle trials. I like to go fast in sand washes . When I first got the bike the rear was way to soft. I cranked down on the rear spring without taking the sag into consideration but felt alot better. The front is still A ?
  14. I have an 06 400s stalk suspension, I have set rear race sag @ 3.5 the static is within correct limit. I weigh 188lbs I ride mostly desert trails and woops. I need some front fork setting recomendations and rear if you think rear should be differant. Thanks for any help
  15. Thanks thats it I'm done no more bull shit , I would never trade my beauty she's ready willing and able . That husky will never sit in my garage , and I dou't if it can ever pass my drz with me with me rolling the throttle. "I'm ok now "! , I can't wait to gather the men again they are great riders . See you all on the trail.