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    Vintage Bikes, dirt bikes, 2 stroke street bikes, motard, drag racing bikes and cars, wake boarding, snow boarding, Rans RV's, FOSSIL FUEL!!!!! Travel to have fun,
  1. kwakebord

    Me is new to the Husqvarna family, meet new girl friend

    Yeah Baby, I am in for a new girl next year, currently have a 510sm, can't imagine it in the dirt, i might get the 450. Currently riding a nicely moded 450 wr Yammy. Let us know how the TE performs, IE arms 2-3 inches longer or simply ripped out of the sockets. later PS interesting terrain where are you at??
  2. kwakebord

    SMR 510 '06 needle

    I am using a OBDvP yamaha part number, a 182 Jet, and a 60 leak jet, 42 pilot for hot, and a 45 pilot for cold. IT RIPS like a raped ape on steroids. Did you remove the cap from the accelerator pump?? also did you get a scotts needle??
  3. kwakebord

    06 510 Smp

    Hey Guys, just spent the last couple of days dialing in my 06 smp. The carb specs were very close, found a few little unknown parts. Thought I would share. Skidplate: Aluminum with "wings" drilled liberaly for cooling. Bolts right up and looks rightous on bike. $129.00 Exhaust Rear muffler: shorter than stock with 2" id. $380.00 bolts right on. looks great sounds awsome. Sure beats a $800.00 Davinci, and its basicly a copy. Front vaxle 13mm replacement SS instead of allen, it has external 13mm hex. sure beats an allen when yor working on a trail side. $29.00 I am looking for rear axle and frame sliders, also foot peg nylon sliders. Any body know any?? Thanks Ken
  4. kwakebord

    How do I tame this beast?

    Simple, Gear up!! there is plenty of juice on tap and it will soften the torque hit, plus if you need more, its always there, changing pipes is an expensive, and not effective approach.
  5. kwakebord

    Best exhaust for the money

    I can't believe you guy's haven'y been doing your research, Dubach racing makes an awesome pipe, complete system in stainless for 375. probably the best all around curve you can get. WR's arent about top end power, wrong cams, etc. etc. Yosh is really an yzf pipe in sheeps clothing, others just don'y have the dyno charts . This pipe with the Jd jet kit, and all the basic free mods makes these bkies bark, and preform the way they are supposed to.
  6. Hey guys I need some input. Bike sat for 1.5 yrs, cleaned carb, and tank just fixed keyway on rotor, started bike exhaust header turned red after 50 seconds, how could it run this lean?? will an open valve cause this, or is there some timing issue, don't know where to start. all oils and fluids new, Ken
  7. kwakebord

    03 wr 450 TOO HOt to handle

    Ok, have a serious problem, o3 wr450, sat for 1.5 yrs, gas was'nt that bad, drained it, flushed carb, changed oil, checked coolant fluid, started it up, and the header turned red hot in under 50 sec., Could carb alone make it run so lean this could happen?? radiators were very hot, so I knew water is circulating, oil is up to level at dip stick, had to keep bumping the choke to keep it running, I cleaned out main, idle, and the other jet next to main. all were clear to begin with. I just recently fixed a sheared flywheel keway, all went perfect there, FREAKY Where to start, how do you find indys jetting chart?? yeah, I havent figured this site out yet..Thanks Ken
  8. kwakebord

    Scotts SUB Mount Conversion

    Hey, I am currently looking at the brp sub mount myself, seems to make alot of sense to me, and you can put on a bar pad. The only other thing it doesnt do is the hand guard bar connections to the front of the bar clamp. Good luck Ken
  9. : What to buy?? Looking at the BRP combo top triple clamp, with bolt on frame post, scotts dampner sub mount (mounted under handlebars, between posts), rubber bushing bar mounts, Pro taper bars, and speedo bracket, and a bar pad. Price $619.00 no tax or shipping through Thumper store!! seems to be a well engineered group. Anyone else running it?? Or do you have any input, be it good or bad that will weigh into the decision. I never had a stabilizer before, but always liked the bikes I have ridden with it. Riding Kennedy meadows, and desert areas in southern CA. Thanks Ken
  10. kwakebord

    wr 450 no spark

    Hey, just pulled the sidecase, missing keyway confirmed, looks like an easy fix, just have to find the key in the bottom case, looks like the nut came un fastened, no sighns of damage to either component. Unbelievable that this could happen to a new bike. I believe that the nut was loosened by the few minutes of riding, and his attemp to kick start, the backfire, did the final few threads to loosen it off. Silly Yamaha, what do they pay their engineers anyway??? Thanks Guys I appreciate it. I plan on doing a complete disassembly and grease everything, then riding the hell out of it!!! I'll be in touch for some performance tips.. Thanks again Ken :
  11. kwakebord

    wr 450 no spark

    Hi Guys, I am new to WR land. Just bought a 2003 wr 450 with approx. 2 hrs of run time. it's true, the guy rode it at Pismo, and freaked at the squirrlyness of ridin sand and parked it. Thats where I came in, purchased for $3000.00 US dollars looks NEW NEW NEW Ah but it does'nt start. Problem #1 looks like the starter clutch is not engaging, it simply spinns the starter, remove the cover, and the clutch assm. and the gear it engages to in side the housing spins both ways, more than likely the woodruff key is out. Any additional thoughts?? #2 No spark, The guy bought a new Yuasa, I have fully trickeled it outside the bike, fresh gas, drained the carb, He claims to have heard a back fire whilst kicking it, a day earlier. I currently have no spark. basicly I have laid the spark plug on the head bolt, and kicked like hell, no spark. I even tried to electicute myself, no jolt. pulled all connectors apart and checked tightness, did all the tests in the book, checked fuses, neutral switch, clutch switch main etc. all looks good. Got Clues??? Thanks Ken