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    Riders with back trouble?

    Wow! Thanks for all the great reply's everyone.Sounds pretty promising for sure.I try to stay in decent shape myself i work on staying flexable which really helps the stiffness in the back the most.I have an eliptical trainer which i love and use 4 to 5 times a week.Will be checking out the kx 250f more this weekend.Thanks again for all the help and information,will keep ya posted on the bike.Thanks again. keith
  2. Green 250 foe

    Riders with back trouble?

    Thanks guy's great information.Not planning on crazy mx just trail riding in the woods mainly.Just L5 degenerative disc have had it for several years dont need the pain meds the doc gave me just motrin when it gets to bad at times.The constant jarring from the mountain bike would aggravate it pretty bad.Thanks again and probably will go for it pretty soon.Was looking at an 06 kx 250F.Will keep ya posted if i get it.Thanks again. keith
  3. Hey guy's first post here.Name is keith located in florida.I have been kicking around getting a new dirtbike latley.My question is how bad is it on your back?probably a stupid question just wondering if anyone has back problems and still ride fine.I had to give up monutain biking (bicycle) due to back trouble,i know the suspension is much better on dirtbikes than bicycles.I still ride street bikes (sportbike) with no trouble and have been for many years.Rode plenty of dirtbikes when i was younger now pushing 40 lol and getting the itch again.Thanks for any insight. keith