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  1. z06vette

    used 07 sm problems

    My friend had a similar problem with a different bike(cr250) and after trying all sorts of difficult solutions(changed reeds, carb) it ended up being a bad air filter. He was using one of those ready filters which was clogged and not allowing enough air to flow pass half throttle causing the bike to run way to rich and bog. Just an easy suggestion to try running the bike without the filter to test it. Good Luck.
  2. z06vette

    09 crf469...just picked it up!

    Bitchin bike!! Where do you ride? I got to recommend Pala MX track, it kicks ass. See you there.
  3. The Honda service manual says you can flip the handle bar mounts 180 degrees to provide 6mm offset from the steering stem. Would this help the bike initiate turning better producing an effective similar to 22mm offset triple clamp?
  4. I saw a nice 2005 drz-400sm with yoshi pipe and a mild cam upgrade at a dealership today. It has 9000 miles on it. They are asking 4999 plus tax. I'm willing to pay 4000 out the door. I would like your opinions on the price. Thanks for your help.
  5. I just got my 4fifty back from race tech and rode it at elsinore mx and I have to tell everyone how awesome my bike is. I finally have confidence leaning the bike over in turns. I don't have to worry about the front end washing out. I can over jump and not worry about bottoming out and getting bucked off. The bike sticks to the ground and handles like a dream. Don't waste your money on anything other that getting your stock suspension dialed in. What a difference!!
  6. z06vette

    Did '02 yz250f come with Excel rims?

    Ok, I just talked to my friend who can also remember seeing excel rims on my bike! Is there anyway to find out if yamaha shipped some '02 bikes with excels? I remember seeing "excel" in red print on my rims. Is my memory this f-up?
  7. Does anybody know if the 02 yz250f came from manufacturer with excel rims? I could of swore I had excel rims on my bike, but they are D.I.D. I think a unscrupulous shop might have done a switcharoo. Thanks for your help.
  8. z06vette

    yz250f technical advice.

    Thanks guys for the advice...I will start working on her friday.
  9. I have a 02 yz250f. It isn't running so good today. Last time I rode it was a month ago at elsinor and it ran fine. I start the bike on a weekly basis to make sure she's running. Here's what it does to my best describing abilities. Bike starts and idles fine, but at 1/4 to 1/2 throttle it bogs and sputters. I haven't done or checked my valves yet since I purchased the bike so I leaning towards doing that, but I want to know if that's the kind of problems valves out of spec cause. Also wondering if it could be carb? TT rocks thanks for the feedback in advance.