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  1. yzmx724


    well..i traded my old 96 kx60 at a place down the street....the only thing he'd trade was a 2003 z70??im not sure..its a honda knockoff i guess..but its a little bigger than a z50 with a 72cc motor..anyone seen one?ill try and get pictures up later..i also need a pulser unit for it..snapped the chain and broke it
  2. yzmx724

    z50 for 110?

    i know this is a dumb question..but is anyone around MD,PA,WV,V willing to trade a 93z50r for a klx/drz110..the 110 can be anyyear i dont care..the 50 is in good running condition
  3. yzmx724

    i was thinking.....

    ha..where do you live?
  4. yzmx724

    i was thinking.....

    i;ve really been thinking..ive been racing motocross(bigg bikes) for like 7 years now..ive gotten really good but i know ill never go pro and its starting to lose its fun...i was thinking about selling my race bike and stop motocross to race pit bikes...i live in MD and i dont think pitibkes are to big here,anyone got any help or suggestions?
  5. does anyone have a spare one i could use
  6. yzmx724

    z50 problem...i really need help..please!!!

    if you look at the diagram...i need the little box behind bolt number 11..it doesnt have a number or part for that
  7. i have no idea what the parts are called..but when i take of the case on the side with the shifter(case off the motor)there is a magnetic gold thing that spins...what is that called?and the orange brushes that scrap it to start?what are they called...the orange brush things are whats wrong with my bike..i just dont know where to get one or how to replace it
  8. yzmx724

    z50 help

    thanks alot man..BIG HELP
  9. yzmx724

    z50 help

    does anyone know where i can get a cheap mod pipe for a 1994 z50?besides EBAY also does anyone know any other coool mods for them..or some plastics kits for it?
  10. how do you take the silencer off a z50????please help
  11. yzmx724


    i have a pit bike.but im not sure what it is..it looks just like a z50..a little bigger though..and has a 70cc motor..but has never been moded.can anyone tell me what it is and where to find after market parts?the person i bought it from says its a 2003.it has 4 gears but no clutch..