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  1. timm747

    Pro Taper Hand Guards...Like 'Em or Not?

    I have moose and am happy with them... T
  2. timm747

    Next step RMZ, KDX or CRF?

    I had an S. I sold it and took half the money and bought a 2002 YZ250. I LOVE this bike and haven't looked back. I've added an 11oz flywheel weight, handguards, Protaper bars, 3.9 gallon Clarke tank and a skidplate over the winter. Should be pretty awesome in the woods this year. I do miss riding on the street, so I guess I look back every now and then. Tim
  3. timm747

    Which tube to move for stream crossing?

    Is the crank case breather the tube on the right side of the bike that comes down the front of the bike's frame? I ran the bike last night after installing a new flywheel weight and noticed that it spit out a clump of black goo on my skidplate.
  4. timm747

    AVS levers

    That happened to me and I had to have my knee drained. You should get it checked out. It probably won't go down on its own. tim
  5. timm747

    Yamaha 250 - 2 or 4 stroker

    2 stroke all the way. I know a 14 year old kid who got bored in 3 months with a yz250f and is now looking to lose money on selling it to get something more powerful/fun. His words, not mine. tim
  6. timm747

    2002 YZ250 Manual?

    I haven't been able to find a Clymer's manual for my '02 YZ250. If you find one, let me know. The site above does have the manual for the '02, but you have to weed through a lot of foreign language to get anything out of it. I'd rather have a Clymer's book, but it looks like they don't make one for the '02 YZ250.... Tim
  7. Nice wheelies, but you seem more worried about breaking the rear fender than you do your head.... tim
  8. timm747

    What would be a better buy

    That should be your answer right there... t
  9. timm747

    Kickstart shaft came out....

    It's real easy to pull the clutch plates and check this out. I installed the kickstart myself using mrcob's website and I'm not that mechanically inclined... tim
  10. It's got the TPS, but the guy I bought it from cut the wires coming from the harness. I sent you a PM the other day asking about this. It's not a DRZ, so I didn't want to hijack this thread... Tim
  11. Hey Eddie, is it ok to remove the cables from the carb and have the connections exposed on the carb, or should the cables just be taped up and left attached to the carb? Tim
  12. timm747

    Stock heat shield Question

    I painted mine black. It never scratched or came off. I used the paint you get at Home Depot for grills and outdoor lawn furniture. Tim
  13. timm747

    Maintenance, etc...

    Anyone know where I can get an owner's manual for my '02 YZ250? The guy didn't have it when I bought it yesterday and I need to know qty's of fluids, etc so I can get the oil changed today and stuff... Thanks! T
  14. timm747

    2000 Rm 250

    Hey guys, I'm new to the Suzuki 2 stroke forum. I used to own a DRZ and had to sell it due to other obligations. I have some money left over from the that though and I was looking at a 2000 RM250. Is there something specific for this year that I should look at as far as things being wrong, etc? If the bike has sat for 5 years, what should I look for besides rust, cracked tire rubber, etc? If it starts first or second kick, does that mean the carb is ok, or should I look for something else (besides obvious things like bog, etc)? Thanks for any help you can provide! Tim