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  1. Washington

    Looks like you guys had a great time. I guess you're not going to be enthused about much in the way of riding around here anymore eh? Loved Gino's grin on the group shot and you holding the gazillion gallon gas can
  2. Washington

    I've only ever ridden Mattawa once, about 4 years ago with a bunch of guys from here. Two broken cases that day and one of them looked to be in the same spot as yours.
  3. Washington

    According to the 7 day forecast, Sat is looking clear
  4. Washington

    Dang looks like you guys had a good day. Had to work myself, but soon we'll connect BTW there's more than one way to get wet at Tahuya
  5. Washington

    The section from Sunrise to Longmire is my favorite. The section from Mowich lake to Longmire is a killer hike. Mowich Lake to Sunrise is not so bad with some nice sections.
  6. Washington

    Once again I think the Sparkplug will prove to the rest of the world (and I'm sure that this is their intent), that pukey little AMA enduros do not live up to thier name. Sic'em boys and girls
  7. Washington

    No No its closer to 86 miles. You'll be fine
  8. Washington

    Can I have your KDX in case you don't?
  9. Washington

    Yeah I think this would be the first one I've missed in like 6 or 7 years, but I've only been out in the saddle twice in the last 5 months. Currently I'm getting over Bronchitis too, so weakness would be combined with outofshapeness. Bummer for Sunday's weather is looking mighty fine.
  10. Washington

    You guys have fun. I'm going to have to sit this one out.
  11. Washington

    Paul are you still considering Wed?
  12. Washington

    Hi Gary. Of course if you came this way instead, you could ride the Sparkplug.
  13. Washington

    I'd be up for it
  14. Washington

    Looks like we'll take a raincheck Russ and hook up another time.
  15. Washington

    Looks like I'll be there